Board Member Moment: 5 Questions with Whitney Olch Bishop

1. What brought you to Park City?

I was born and raised in Park City. I went to middle and high school in Salt Lake City (Rowland Hall) and then Trinity College, moved to LA and worked in PR for 2 years, but felt the pull to come back to this place I love. I grew up with an amazing group of kids and all of us ended up back here after college – there is really no place like Park City to live and raise our own families.

2. Why do you think Park City is a unique place to live and give?

I think Park City is a uniquely generous place. I think people are very civically-minded here because most everyone is here for a quality of life. We’d like everyone to have a quality of life here. We have a responsibility to give back and I think Live PC Give PC is part of the education—it broadens people’s horizons. Someone might log in only to give to one nonprofit, but then become aware of all the other needs in this place.

3. How do you fit giving into your life here?

I think everyone has the opportunity to give something—whether time or resources. I also sit on the board of KPCW and Sotheby’s Cares. Being raised in part by a three-term mayor, everything I was raised around was an awareness of giving back. Growing up, I remember participating in days of service and of giving back and that is how I want to raise my kids. I feel that to whom much is given, much is expected and I hope to pass that on to my own children.

4. How would you spend your perfect Park City day?

I would love to go skiing in waist-deep powder from 9-11, go to my work because I truly love my job, and then I’d go home and hang out with kids. After the kids were in bed, I’d go to meet friends at High West for drinks and dinner.  That is a perfect day to me.

5. What does Park City Community Foundation mean to you since it’s been such a part of your family’s DNA?

I’m really proud of the Community Foundation. I think it’s come a really long way and it’s got a great foothold in the community with programs like Live PC Give PC and Women’s Giving Fund—those are A+ programs. The overall awareness from other nonprofits is really exceptional. I know so many people are connecting to the community and nonprofits are addressing things because of Park City Community Foundation.







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