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Bright Futures Winter Update

It has been a productive and busy winter for Bright Futures’ students. With Park City offering opportunities as diverse as they are unique, the teens have taken in enriching recreational and creative endeavors. Students were able to attend two inspirational Sundance Film Festival movies: Dolores and Step – both courtesy of the Sundance Institute. Both […]

In late December, Park City Community Foundation welcomed three new members of our board of directors: Whitney Olch Bishop, Kevin Parker, and Beano Solomon.  They represent a breadth of professional experience, from real estate to high-tech, and a range of philanthropic experience, from National Parks to LGBTQ issues. What do they have in common?  A […]

Board Member Moment: 5 Questions with Whitney Olch Bishop

1. What brought you to Park City? I was born and raised in Park City. I went to middle and high school in Salt Lake City (Rowland Hall) and then Trinity College, moved to LA and worked in PR for 2 years, but felt the pull to come back to this place I love. I […]

What YOU accomplished this year: 2016 Report to Donors

When we listen to one another… we see the needs under our noses. When we join together… we can increase our impact. When we work toward a common purpose… we enhance our work and play. We’re grateful to all who give to Park City — a community that gives so much to each of us. Each […]

Give in 2016, Plan for 2017

Donate now!  Your gift to Park City Community Foundation at year-end means: You do not live in fear. With tax changes proposed, the future of the charitable deduction is uncertain.  Make a philanthropic gift before midnight Saturday to realize the tax benefit now. You value ease and simplicity.  Park City Community Foundation manages more than 55 philanthropic funds, including donor advised funds. Opening a […]