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Nonprofits are the backbone of our community, and Park City Community Foundation provides the fortification to keeps them healthy and strong. With a staff and Board of philanthropy experts, the Community Foundation identifies gaps and needs in the community and collaborates with nonprofits and donors to ensure that those needs are met. Together, we’re constantly working to maintain and improve the quality of life that makes Park City so special.

Connect to the local causes you care about.

When you give to Park City Community Foundation you’re supporting the nonprofits that enrich our community across a range of interests—from social justice to our natural environment to arts and culture. Through your donations, we’re able to provide nonprofits with grants and community support along with ongoing education and training in best practices. It’s how we all pull together to make the people and places of Park City even better.

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Upcoming Events

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    Nonprofit Workshop: The KEY to Survival and Growth of Your Organization

    Thursday, May 3 8:30am – 1:30pm (includes lunch) Park City Hospital Cost $30 — Register Now No fairy dust… KEY Trends. KEY Metrics. KEY Actions. Please join us for a workshop on fundraising success and sustainability, with Roger Craver, renowned fundraiser, editor of the Agitator, and principal, DonorTrends; and Caity Craver, CEO, DonorTrends. What Will Be Covered? […]

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    Board Member and Executive Director Roundtable

    Are you on a nonprofit board, or are you a nonprofit executive director? Please join us for this special roundtable, a joint session that includes both board members and executive directors. Note: For this specific and critical topic, we have combined the Executive Director and Board Member Roundtables for greater effect. Whether you are a […]

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    Open Nonprofit Roundtable

    Please join us for our quarterly Open Nonprofit Roundtable, open to anyone working for a nonprofit organization – program staff, development staff, executive directors, and so on. Share best practices and connect with your peers. The main session runs from 8:30-9:30, and participants are welcome to stay another half hour for social time afterwards. Roundtables […]


Supporting Nonprofits, Our Impact

Roundtable Recap: Cybersecurity

Park City Community Foundation is the place for nonprofits to collaborate and learn from one another. And with education comes better governance and financial responsibility, which leads to stronger, more viable nonprofits. It’s one distinct way we’re giving to the organizations that give so much to greater Park City. Our twelve roundtables a year provide facilitated discussions for […]

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Supporting Nonprofits, Our Impact

Roundtable Recap: Improving your Board’s Diversity

Park City Community Foundation held its most recent Board Member Roundtable on Thursday, February 22nd. We host regular Roundtables to help build skills and connections among the local nonprofit community – program staff, development staff, executive directors, board members, and others. The Board Member Roundtables center on the role of the board in the success and accountability of their organization. […]

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Supporting Nonprofits, Our Impact

Roundtable Recap: Volunteers Are Precious

Park City Community Foundation hosted its quarterly Open Nonprofit Roundtable on Wednesday, December 6th. Open roundtables are open to anyone working for a nonprofit organization – program staff, development staff, executive directors, and others. These events are designed to share best practices and connect with peers. December’s topic was, “Volunteers: we love them, we need […]

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