Nonprofit Events Calendar

Coordinating our activities.

Greater Park City’s nonprofits have come together to create a calendar that lets organizations enter their major fundraising events and view each other’s events.

This calendar is meant to help organizations coordinate their activities. It is not intended as a public outreach tool for the events, but rather as a behind-the-scenes place to share information amongst nonprofits.

Participating nonprofits may enter their events using the calendar’s Google form.

The events then appear on the Park City Nonprofit Events Calendar.

Note: For the event start time and end time, please make sure to enter the AM and PM correctly – entering AM/PM wrong may create an event way longer than intended, or may not work at all (if the end time is before the start time). 

Please contact Ollie Wilder at or 435-214-7475 with any questions or difficulties using the form, or if you need to edit or delete an event entry.