5 Questions with Sean Kelleher: green builder, father, husband, Parkite, the Community Foundation Apex Donor

seankelleher1. What brought you to Park City?

Like many transplants, it was the snow. But after we purchased a second home, and spent more and more time out here, we realized that the people and the town’s history made it a lot more than just a resort. We knew we wanted to move here full-time once our children were in college; I think my wife showed up at our girls high school graduation in 2014 with the car already packed and pointed west.

2. Why do you think Park City is a unique place to live and give?

There are very few small towns in the U.S. that have the range of activities that you find here, particularly with Salt Lake City so close by. At the same time, there are many community needs in our area. Events like ‘Live PC Give PC’ are a unique demonstration that those that can avail themselves to all the benefits of Park City also care about helping those that can’t and creating a more inclusive community.

3. How do you fit giving into your life here?

My wife and I like the idea of giving back to the community some of the benefits accrued from our business activities in Park City. For example, we are developing a highly Sustainable residential project in Old Town (Echo Spur), and contributing 1.5% of the lot sales to the Community Foundation. It’s our way of recognizing that the entire community – residents, government, and business leaders – create the environment that allows us all to thrive.

4. How would you spend your perfect Park City day?

A few weeks ago, my wife and I left our home in Old Town, hiked up to Silver Lake and hydrated with a beer, hiked up to the Montage (and got another beer) and then hiked down Daly Canyon to Main Street for dinner. That was a fun day!

5. What is it about Park City Community Foundation that you love?

I like the idea that a single donation can touch so many different people and organizations in greater Park City. You guys make it easy!


Stephen & Gwen Kelleher

Having six children that are all responsible citizens, in their communities as demonstrated here by our son Sean, makes for proud parents.


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