What is a Community Foundation?

Inspiring local and lasting change. Together.

Park City Community Foundation plays a vital role in solving our community’s most challenging problems. By constantly identifying gaps and issues within our community, we have a keen understanding of Park City’s most pressing needs. To address these issues and fund solutions, we bring together local nonprofits, caring donors and community leaders to contribute both financial resources and innovative ideas that affect lasting change.

In addition to building permanent philanthropic endowments for our region, Park City Community Foundation enables donors to establish their own charitable funds and contribute a variety of assets to them, so they can support the specific issues and organizations they care about. And because the Community Foundation is intimately knowledgeable about the nonprofit activities of our community, we’re able to advise donors on the specific organizations that are doing the most meaningful, high-impact work. At the same time, we’re continuously serving as advisors to and advocates for the full range of local nonprofits, so that every organization can be strengthened for the greater good of the community.