Solomon Fund Grants – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of grants from the Solomon Fund?
The Solomon Fund aims to create a more inclusive community by facilitating access to sports and recreational opportunities for Latinx children in the greater Park City area. Key barriers to participation that have been identified include communication, transportation, and scholarships and gear.

2. Does the fund support competitive athletes?
The goal is to facilitate access to recreational sports and other activities. The fund does not intend to support competitive or elite athletes.

3. What are examples of past grants?

  • Park City Soccer Club received a grant to increase Latinx participation in a soccer camp, which led to increased participation in their other programs/teams.
  • Park City Ninja Kids received support to enable their students to test into new belt.
  • Youth Sports Alliance received a grant to support and expand their Get Out & Play program, which introduces elementary children to a variety of sports.

4. Does the Solomon Fund help organizations in other ways, beyond grants?
Park City Community Foundation staff working on the Solomon Fund actively help organizations recruit Latinx participants to their programs. Assistance includes things like translation, direct outreach to families, in-person registration events, facilitating transportation, and other activities. Organizations do not have to receive a grant in order to benefit from this type of non-grant support. Organizations interested in non-grant support should send an inquiry to Sarah MacCarthy at

5. What barriers have proved hardest to address?
The Solomon Fund has had a lot of success addressing communication/outreach and facilitating scholarships and gear. Transportation has been a more difficult barrier to address. Any or all of the three barriers may be addressed in an application for a Solomon Fund grant. Organizations may also focus on one or more other barriers, beyond these three.

6. What makes a strong grant proposal?
It’s important to follow the application guidelines. Beyond that, it’s important to ensure that the potential impact of the grant is well spelled out. How can you quantify impact? What benefits will children and/or families gain from the proposed activity? It’s helpful if the project budget spells out what the Solomon Fund grant would cover versus what other funds will cover.

7. Who reviews the proposals?
The Solomon Fund’s Grant Committee reviews the grants, which are finalized by Community Foundation staff and approved by the Board of Directors.

8. Would a summer day camp or overnight camp program be eligible?
Either could be considered. It’s helpful to understand the cost per participant, though a program with deep impact may be strongly considered even if it has a high cost per participant.

9. How might a Solomon Fund grant be leveraged to encourage other funding?
Some past recipients of Solomon Fund grants have used the grant as a match to encourage their regular donors to give toward additional scholarships for children. Other grantmakers might also be interested in knowing that the Solomon Fund has supported a particular organization or project.

10. Should programs be free or low-cost to participants?
Either is acceptable – the main goal is to increase participation among Latinx children. Most programs collaborating with the Solomon Fund do charge at least a low participation fee, which can help ensure attendance. Most programs offer fee discounts of somewhere between 70% and 90%. Even low fees are sometimes waived by our partners in very specific circumstances.

11. What counts as “recreation?”
In addition to sports, other types of recreation may be considered. The key is a focus on children in grades K-5 gaining opportunities to participate in activities that help create a more inclusive community, in which all kids can play, learn and be active together.

12. Could a request for technology improvements be funded, such as for a new registration
The critical question is how proposed uses of funds would increase participation of Latinx children in sports and recreation. If a new registration system is critical to that purpose, it could be considered. It’s acceptable for proposed activities to have other side benefits – for example, by making registration easier for all children – but the application should make clear how the activities support the particular goals of the Solomon Fund.

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