Solomon Fund Grants Guidelines

2020 Grant Guidelines

We envision a Park City in which all children have the opportunity to be active and engaged through sports and recreation.

Park City Community Foundation aims to identify gaps within our community and play a role in solving our most challenging problems. The Solomon Fund, an initiative of the Community Foundation, aims to increase access to sports and rec opportunities for Latinx children in our community. We believe that the benefits to increasing access to sports and recreational activities for children is multifaceted, from creating a more inclusive community, to promoting long-term health lifestyles to greater academic achievement. Currently this initiative focuses on increasing access for kids up to12 years old, although this may change as the needs evolve.

This initiative aims to address several barriers that currently hinder participation for these families. Key barriers include communication and outreach, transportation, and scholarships and gear. Park City Community Foundation staff are actively working to address these challenges, but we recognize that there is not a universal model to address this issue.

We aim to increase access to sports and recreation. Our goal is to reach 20% Latinx participation in programs that are currently being offered in Park City, mirroring the current demographics of our school district. We would like to see participation in athletics reflect the diverse makeup of our town.

Solomon Fund Grants Timeline
Monday, February 10: Grant application process opens
Tuesday, March 10: Application deadline
Monday, March 30: Applicants notified of Solomon Fund Grants Committee decision
Friday, April 10: Grant agreements due
Monday, April 20: Grant checks mailed
January 2021: Impact Report due

Solomon Fund Grants Committee
The Solomon Fund Grants Committee is composed of at least five community members and at at least one Park City Community Foundation board member. This committee evaluates the grant proposals and applications and provides recommendations to the staff for final review and approval.

Park City Community Foundation staff and the Solomon Fund Grants Committee members are committed to providing ongoing communication and feedback with applicants and grantees. Please don’t hesitate to contact Diego Zegarra or Sarah MacCarthy with questions or concerns about the grants program, your application, and the process.

Park City Community Foundation staff will process and prepare the grant applications for review by the Solomon Fund Grants Committee. After grants are awarded, staff, committee members, and/or donors will participate in the monitoring and evaluation process of all grant projects. Additionally, staff members may schedule a site visit of your program.

Grants will generally fall in the $500 – $25,000 range, depending on the amount available for distribution, the request made by the organization, and the potential impact of the proposed activities. Grants may be paid in a single sum or in installments.

Review Criteria
The Grants Committee will use the following criteria to review applications. These criteria are not exclusive, and the committee and staff reserve the right to use their own best judgment when making final grant awards.

Potential Impact Indicators:

  • Applicant demonstrates project/program will increase low-income Latino participation, ages 5-12.
  • Applicant demonstrates the project/program contributes to a more inclusive and complete community.

Strategically Planned Approach Indicators:

  • Goals, objectives, and timeline that reflect the applicant’s ability to conceptualize the project and offer a realistic plan for its completion
  • The project/program will either be complete at the end of the grant period or has a sound financial and programmatic strategy for continuing operations beyond the grant period
  • Degree to which the proposed plan addresses diversity, equity, and inclusion

Significant Results & Benefits Indicator:

  • Plan to measure and evaluate project/program outcomes (quantitative and/or qualitative) is well articulated

Project Budget Indicator:

  • Budget demonstrates that funds will be spent to increase low-income Latinx participation. Note: Budget may include costs associated with staff, program activities, indirect costs, and other costs necessary to carry out the proposed activities.
  • Funding should focus on access and participation over traveling teams or competitive teams.

Appendix A

Publicity Guidelines
As a recipient of a grant from the Solomon Fund, it is important to the Community Foundation, our donors, and the community that the grantee publicize and recognize the philanthropic support that a grantee receives. The Solomon Fund requires the following of grant recipients:

  1. Grantee agrees to include the Solomon Fund logo in appropriate promotional materials. Please contact Sarah for a copy of the logo.
  2. Grantee agrees that a notice will be included in appropriate promotional materials stating: “This [activity/event/organization] is supported by a grant from Park City Community Foundation’s Solomon Fund.”

How to Apply