Community Fund Grants – Site Visit Outline

Community Fund Grant Evaluation

Site Visit Outline


Park City Community Foundation annually conducts site visits with each of our Community Fund grantees. The goal is to create a meaningful set of quantitative and qualitative data for evaluating the impact of our Community Fund grants. Our board members and donors are invited to participate; we hope you will also include board members and key staff/volunteers.

The site visits last one hour, and our time is divided between actively touring and experiencing the nonprofit facility or program and a conversation that covers the questions listed below. Each site visit is unique and adapts to your particular nonprofit; however, we always cover the questions in the site visit outline. There is no need to prepare a report, though you may want to have a story in mind for question #1 and some information prepared for question #4.

  1. Please remind us of your mission and your organization’s top three programs.
  2. What were the expected outcomes you identified through the grant process? Please describe how your organization met, is progressing towards, or did not meet these outcomes.
  3. How do you quantify your outcomes? Please provide the numbers and data you use to measure your program’s impact.
  4. What are your strategic goals for the next 1-3 years? Where would you like to see the organization progress?
  5. Please tell us a story of a specific person and how their life was changed by the program our Community Fund grant helped to support.
  6. How is your organization advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion, both internally within your organization and through your outreach and programs?
  7. In your opinion, what are the most pressing, important and/or unmet needs or opportunities in the greater Park City community?
  8. Park City Community Foundation is always looking for ways to improve our impact in the community. How can we be more effective and useful to nonprofits and the community?

Thank you for your help in setting up a site visit with your organization. If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Olson at 435-731-4250 or