Give to the Endowment

For the love of our People, Place, and Culture. Now and Forever.

For the Love of Park City, we have created an endowment to sustain and enhance our ability to serve the community—now and forever.

Park City Community Foundation is building an enduring philanthropic community for all the people of Park City. We envision a future where the Community Foundation can always respond to our community’s most urgent and complex needs with significant human and financial resources. Not just once, but in perpetuity.

Not only does the endowment grow to ensure a strong Park City for future generations and to address future crises, it also creates annual grants to support current needs for our people, place, and culture.

“When you love someone you can just tell them. When you love a community or a place, Park City Community Foundation believes you invest in it in a way that lifts everyone.” – Katie Wright, Former Executive Director, Park City Community Foundation

Join the For the Love of Park City Endowment

The endowment, For the Love of Park City, achieves long-term community gains each year, forever. The goal is to offer enduring solutions for systems level change to benefit all of Park City.

Our proven financial stewardship has brought a history of trust and success for donors and charities alike. A significant endowment gift secures the future of our community, through economic upheaval and challenges we can’t predict. It’s an investment in the community and the place you love. Act on your love. 

“Everyone who has moved here has a way to contribute. We have energy and resources to share, and that’s why we have more than 100 strong nonprofits. This is the unique part of Park City and it has been since the early days—people are smart, engaged, and very visionary-thinking. I want that to continue. But if I’m not here, I have to put it into someone’s hands. I trust the Community Foundation to address the pressing needs that come down the road.” – Bill Coleman, Park City resident since 1970 and former board member of the Community Foundation 

Contact us to learn about the annual and future goals of the endowment and how you can take part.

Kitty Friedman, Vice President of Philanthropy,, 860.597.7284.

“Why the endowment? It’s the smartest way you can give. We don’t have a crystal ball to know what the future will bring to our home town, but it’s important to us that it endure and be a sustainable, safe place for our grandchildren—and their children, too.” – John and Kristi Cumming, Co-founder and Board Chair of Park City Community Foundation.

Did you know the Women’s Giving Fundis a Park City Community Foundation endowment, too? 1,300+ women have pooled resources to invest back into causes for women and children in perpetuity. Annual high-impact grants to local organizations are happening because of many $1,000 donations. Now, that’s something to be proud of.