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Promoting Community Mental Health in Summit County

The goal of the Mental Wellness Alliance in Summit County is to facilitate and support county-wide, systemic, sustainable solutions aimed at improving mental wellness in our community. Our mental wellness initiatives focus on mental health and substance use, treatment, and prevention for both youth and adults.

Mental health issues cannot be effectively tackled without the whole community’s involvement. In close partnership with government, nonprofit, healthcare, and private sector leaders, Park City Community Foundation sparked the creation of the Summit County Mental Wellness Alliance in 2016, Park City’s first community mental health program. The Community Foundation now serves as the Alliance’s institutional hub, convening Alliance partners to pool community resources for mental health and ensure better mental health in both the short and long term for local youth and adults.

Community Resources for Mental Health

The Alliance itself does not provide any direct community mental health services. Rather, it works with partners and community members in Summit County to foster collaboration, identify gaps in service and support, and facilitate funding opportunities to fill those gaps. Below are the current Alliance partners that offer community mental health programs and wellness services to our community members.

Mental Wellness Alliance Partners

  • Summit County Health Department Behavioral Health Division: The Behavioral Health Division focuses on enhancing the overall quality of life for Summit County residents related to mental health and substance abuse. The Health Department provides community mental health services and access to clinical care for the unfunded and Medicaid recipients of Summit County.
  • Christian Center of Park City: As part of its comprehensive humanitarian mission, CCPC runs a Counseling Center whose caring psychologists, counselors, and coaches help individuals, couples, families, teens, and children in Summit and Wasatch Counties find mental wellness.
  • Holy Cross Ministries: HCM’s bilingual, bicultural therapists focus on the psychological well-being of victims of violence from underserved communities, partnering with community health workers and legal staff to provide wraparound services for this population.
  • Jewish Family Service of Utah: Along with other support services, JFS provides mental health services on a sliding fee scale to serve people at all income levels.
  • CONNECT Summit County: A local mental wellness initiative, CONNECT engages the community in increased understanding of mental health issues through education, programming, and awareness.
  • Communities That Care: A great community resource for mental health, Communities That Care focuses on all things related to youth wellness, particularly substance use and suicide prevention.
  • Latino Behavioral Health Services: This mental wellness program raises awareness and increases the number of Latinos in Utah who are maintaining a state of recovery from mental illness and substance use disorders.
  • Live Like Sam Foundation: Live Like Sam provides youth well-being and prevention to grades K-12. With a curriculum focused on mental and emotional well-being, they help support youth and families to live healthy and positive lives.
  • People’s Health Clinic: This nonprofit Park City clinic provides no-cost quality medical services, including mental health referrals, to uninsured residents of Summit and Wasatch counties.
  • Peace House: In addition to emergency shelter and crisis intervention and prevention, Peace House offers counseling and therapy services to victims of domestic violence and abuse.
  • Summit County Clubhouse: The Clubhouse provides a supportive, recovery-based environment for people living with mental illness that offers opportunities for friendship, employment, education, and community.
  • Summit County Recovery Foundation supports the financial needs of participants in Summit County’s drug court and advocates for individuals and families as they confront – and recover from – the disease of drug/alcohol addiction.

The Mental Wellness Alliance also works collaboratively with a number of partners to ensure the effective delivery of services to the community, including law enforcement, the school districts, and the Council on Aging.

How to Promote Mental Health in the Community

Want to support mental wellness in Summit County but don’t know which mental health organizations to donate to? That’s why we created the Alliance.

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