Community Initiatives

Turn your ideas into action.

When everyone in our community pulls together, Park City has the power to do great things. By sharing our collective ideas and expertise as well as our financial resources, we’re making Park City an even better place to live—for now and forever.

Initiatives that engage our community.

Together with a broad range of stakeholders—from philanthropists and activists to politicians and businesspeople—Park City Community Foundation identifies local needs and develops creative solutions. The result? Initiatives the whole community can get behind.

Current Initiatives:

  • Community Response Fund – COVID-19 — Philanthropy, government, and business partners are joining together to support this Fund that will rapidly deploy resources to community-based organizations due to coronavirus in our area.
  • Park City Climate Fund — The Park City Climate Fund aims to engage greater Park City community members in implementing local, high-impact climate solutions that also have the potential to be effective in similar communities. By accepting our shared responsibility to take climate action, Park City can reap a host of economic, health, and quality of life benefits for all, while inspiring broader change.
  • Social Equity — In partnership with Park City Municipal Corporation, Park City Community Foundation is convening the community to build greater social equity and a more complete community. Park City Community Foundation will mobilize its deep convening experience to bring the community together in a coalition that will perform a social equity self-diagnosis, identify existing social equity resources and gaps, prioritize the most significant and addressable social equity challenges, develop a multiyear strategic plan.
  • Summit County Mental Wellness Alliance — Park City Community Foundation sparked the creation of the Summit County Mental Wellness Alliance, to plan and implement county-wide, systemic, sustainable solutions that improve mental wellness in our community. Dozens of organizations and individuals have joined in to help.
  • Solomon Fund: Integration through Recreation — This initiative promotes a more inclusive, integrated, and complete community by improving access to sports and recreational activities for Latino children. Park City Community Foundation is deploying creative strategies to overcome barriers and facilitate access, and ultimately increase participation in mainstream, winter, and team sports as well as other recreational opportunities.
  • Early Childhood — The Summit County Early Childhood Alliance is working to ensure that all children in Summit County have sufficient opportunities in the years up to age three to thrive, learn, and grow into participating, contributing members of our community.
  • MT2030 — Mountain Towns 2030 is a coalition of mountain towns committed to aggressive carbon reduction goals by 2030. Park City Community Foundation is deeply engaged with the organization and currently serves as its fiscal sponsor.

Past Initiatives:

Past Special Projects: