Powering local action with comprehensive community data.

To make good decisions, you need good information. This is true for businesses, families, individuals and communities.

Park City is no different. That’s why there’s Mile Post, an annual community indicator report that provides a snapshot of Summit County’s demographics, economy, education, health and human services, housing, tourism and community engagement.

When the Community Foundation launched its first ever grant program in 2008, we asked local nonprofits to apply. The information and data they brought to us – about food banks, children in poverty, low wages, and more – was astounding. It surprised long-time locals and part-time residents.

We realized that Park City had an information gap. As a resort community, we had a lot of data. But much of it was geared towards getting the world to know us – and visit us. That’s why we launched Mile Post in 2010, a partnership with our local paper, the Park Record.

Six years later, the Park Record is still producing Mile Post annually. It has not wavered from our goal of providing accurate, relevant information that gives everyone in Park City the tools to make good decisions. Topic includes the economy, housing, recreation, education, health and more.

To view this year’s MILE POST, visit parkrecord.com. Look for future editions as a special insert in the last week of September.