Girls’ Giving Fund

Launched in 2017 by 12-year-old Paige Rock and her 10 founding members, Girls’ Giving Fund is an opportunity to promote nonprofit support among school-aged girls of greater Park City. The girls made their first grant to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah in 2017, and aim to make their second grant in 2018. This community of girls are each raising or earning $100 to donate to the fund annually.

Girls’ Giving Fund provides the opportunity for young girls to learn to serve the community and experience the joy of giving back. When we work together, our impact can be greater.

“We are the future of Park City.” -Paige Rock, Founder, Age 12

Girls’ Giving Fund members each donate $100 to support a fund (not an endowment) that aims to make a grant each year to a nonprofit serving children in Park City.

2018 Instructions to Girls:
Now-October 24th: Members raise funds in support of the 2018 selected grantee. New members are asked to raise $100, returning members to raise $50 or more. The deadline to make a donation and vote: October 24th, 2018. Donations made after that will go towards the 2019 grants. Please contact Sam Mueller to set a time to stop by the office if donations will be made in person. Or visit the Donate page.
October 27th, 11am – 1pm: Grant announced at Girls’ Giving Fund Mother/Daughter Witches Brew.

**CLICK HERE to Vote for the 2018 grant recipient**

For more information, contact Sam Mueller

To donate to the Girls’ Giving Fund, please visit our Donate page.

Girls’ Giving Fund FAQ

$100 donation per girl for new members. $50 donation per girl for returning members. Please collect all donations and then turn them in by October 24th, 2018, clearly labeled with the girl's name. Girls will be considered a member after the donations have been received. Please convert all cash to check or credit card.
Girls any age are welcomed to join. Founder Paige Rock encourages all girls raise their funds, so parents should supervise this activity. Currently, the members range from 4-15. Some ways to earn your membership: Babysitting, yard work, household chores, dog-walking, lemonade stand, bake sale
Not at all, but you are encouraged to spread the word to all girls who want to join. We would love to grow our impact in the community and are best able to do so by welcoming new girls to the fund
One-of-a-kind Girls' Giving Fund Big Truck pink hats are available to new members. Thank you to the anonymous donor who sponsored the hats! Hats will be distributed to new members from Park City Community Foundation's office (1960 Sidewinder Drive, Suite 103) when the donation is made, or by special appointment. To make an appointment, please contact Sam Mueller,
In order to be included in the 2018 Grant, please make your donation by October 24th, 2018. Grant will be announced at the Mother/Daughter Witches Brew Party on October 27th
Three projects will be voted on for the 2018 grant (voting instructions will be posted in the coming weeks):
EATS Park City is dedicated to working with the school district and our community to improve the school food program, using education as the foundation for change. Programs include taste tests, cooking classes, policy advocacy with the school district, gardening, and more.
Peace House works to end family violence and abuse through shelter, outreach, support services and education. Peace House Prevention Educators provide you and your friends with the tools to create safe and healthy relationships around you, and to identify the signs of unhealthy relationships and confidently seek support.
Youth Sports Alliance supports winter sports activities for youth in Summit and Wasatch Counties, promoting good sportsmanship and healthy lifestyles through participation, education and competition. School-related programs include Get Out & Play in the elementary schools, and Activ8 in middle school and junior high school.
No. Girls' Giving Fund is a separate fund and not an endowment, but the girls would like to grow the fund. In 2017, a $5000 grant was given to Big Brothers Big Sisters. The 2018 grant will be announced on October 27th.