Statement on the Killing of George Floyd

Park City Community Foundation issued the following statement from Board Chair, Kristi Cumming and Executive Director, Katie Wright concerning the ongoing unrest across the country and in our state following the killing of George Floyd.

We are deeply saddened by the killing of George Floyd by police last week, and tragically his death follows a history of racist murders and hate crimes that has continued unabated in our country. We believe that racial inequity must stop, and we stand in solidarity with all communities of color—especially the Black community during this difficult time.

Every day we are aware of the inequities here in greater Park City—a place where we are committed to the advancement of equity, diversity, and inclusion and toward making our community a place where all people can fully realize their aspirations.

We care about how our institutions and society shape people’s experience of race. And as an organization that views equity as our responsibility, we are invested in working with our local elected officials to ensure we have systems that give the same rights to all people, regardless of the color of their skin. It’s why we bring our community together to discuss critically needed change with each other. It’s why we have led Park City’s Social Equity Initiative.

Our goal is to help amplify antiracism and help educate our community members because systemic injustice and inequality that is pervasive in our country calls for systemic change. We are committed to doing better and have started our journey to become a more inclusive organization.  We encourage all our residents to learn more about antiracism and join us in doing better. Here’s a great online portal to help families, individuals, and communities talk about racism and commit to being antiracist.

You can also explore Park City’s Social Equity Initiative, our vision of a complete community where everyone has equitable access to opportunity, and feels respected, included, safe, and empowered.

A more inclusive community will help Park City, now and in the future, and we must all play a part in the solution. Join us in working towards our equity priorities of more affordable housing, better access to early childhood education, and a more inclusive community where people who are impacted by decisions are making decisions. Take the antiracist pledge below.

In solidarity,

Kristi Cumming and Katie Wright

Antiracist Park City Pledge

Take the pledge and join us in addressing systemic racism and injustice. This form represents a commitment to the advancement of equity and inclusion in our community. Park City Community Foundation encourages you and your nonprofit organization to sign on and commit to one or all of the following:

  1. Equity and inclusion in our practices – this means evaluating our policies and programs, and determining which racial groups are being served and which are not. If inequity exists, consider making a change.
  2. Recognize and name our privilege, then use it. Stop saying “I’m not racist.” Racism exists in the institutions and systems in which we operate.
  3. Invest in professional development focused on learning more about race equity.
  4. Take the census and vote. Tell someone to take the census and vote. Make voting equitable and accessible.
  5. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable – talk about race and race equity with your staff, family, and friends.

Keep the conversation going by acting on some of these recommendations and tagging #AntiracistParkCity. Get started on your commitments by looking at our list of antiracist resources.

Sign the Pledge>>

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