Preliminary Agenda

The KEY to Survival and Growth of Your Organization

A nonprofit workshop on May 3, 2018

“Overcoming Barriers to Growth: Action Steps to Great Fundraising”
Why do some organizations reach the peaks of great fundraising while others remain stuck in the foothills?

  • Learn about the mindsets, metrics, and methods that distinguish truly great fundraising organizations from those that have plateaued or are declining.
  • Based on decades of experience and a study of 250 nonprofits, Roger will focus on specific barriers with recommendations on how to eliminate them.

“Designing and Building a Donor-Centric Organization”
There’s hidden gold in your donor base just waiting to be mined and this session provides a map to that treasure. Roger is the author of the classic, Retention Fundraising: the new art and science of keeping your donors for life, and he’ll focus on:

  • The 8 reasons donors quit;
  • 7 actions organizations take that determine whether an organization is truly donor-centric and whether its retention rates will be high or low;
  • Identifying barriers to donor-centricity and retention that exist in most organizations; and then he’ll share…
  • Five easy and inexpensive donor-centric wins.

“Knowing Your Fundraising Vital Signs”
…of which every fundraiser and board member (and perhaps every staff member) should be aware.

Using handouts given to each attendee, Caity will explain in practical terms why these key metrics matter and how to use them to spot problems and improve your organization’s fundraising.

“The Park City Analytic Clinic”

  • Symptoms: identifying fundraising pain points
  • Diagnosis: understanding your fundraising vital signs
  • Prescription: how to cure your fundraising pains

The most common pain points are donor file shrinking, lack of mid-level donor program, declining lapsed donor reactivation rates, mailing too much, very dependent on major donors, and lack of an upgrade strategy.

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