About Us

Park City Community Foundation logoPark City Community Foundation helps people give back to the place they love. With our deep community knowledge and nonprofit expertise, we connect donors to organizations that are making a real difference in the greater Park City area. Our wide array of donor funds, grant programs, and community initiatives provide opportunities for everyone to give in deeply personal and truly collaborative ways. Together, we’re working to create an exceptionally caring community. And a truly extraordinary place to live, work, stay and play.

How it all got started.

When the Community Foundation first opened its doors in 2007, it was Utah’s first-ever community foundation—but it joined a network of more than 700 nationwide. Former Mayor Brad Olch and Myles Rademan hatched the idea while visiting other resort towns and small communities during Leadership Park City’s annual City Tour. Through discussions with executive directors and board members from other community foundations, they saw the impact these organizations had—and envisioned the possibilities for Park City.

To get the idea off the ground, Olch and Rademan enlisted the support of Powdr Corp CEO John Cumming and his wife Kristi, a former member of the U.S. Ski Team. The long-term Park City residents provided a start-up operating grant to get the Community Foundation up and running—and the organization has grown steadily ever since. Even though Park City Community Foundation launched right before the recession hit, we’ve invested millions into the community and built millions in community assets. And as we continue to grow, so does our impact—reaching every corner of the community.

2020 Vision

Park City Community Foundation is the go-to philanthropic institution for greater Park City, reflecting our community’s deep love for its people, places, and culture. Through our process of collaborative giving, the Community Foundation identifies community challenges and opportunities, then brings together philanthropists, nonprofits, government officials, business leaders, and community members who can help. With our focus on building the long-term vitality of greater Park City, the Community Foundation leads the community to solve pressing problems with measurable, sustainable actions—so we can make an enduring impact for generations to come.


Park City Community Foundation is creating an enduring philanthropic community for all the people of Park City.


  1. Partnership — answering community needs by convening donors, nonprofits, and strategic partners
  2. Professionalism — creating a culture of data-­driven decision making, and performing in an efficiently and transparently to earn the trust of our donors, our partners, and the community
  3. Leadership — addressing community issues by providing vision, inspiration, and ideas
  4. Innovation — elevating the community through thoughtful initiatives and strategic risk-taking
  5. Inclusivity and Equity— learning from and addressing disparities in outcomes due to race, ethnicity, income, ability, age, gender, sexual identity, and other factors

Strategic Goals

  1. Endow our Community’s Future – create an endowment to sustain and enhance our ability to serve the community
  2. Support Nonprofits – promote the Park City nonprofit community by providing grant, education, and networking opportunities
  3. Achieve Long-term Community Gains – collaborate with partners and align resources to accomplish shared goals

Park City Community Foundation’s federal tax ID number (EIN) is 30-0171971. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible.