Park City Climate Fund—Application Guidelines


The Park City Climate Fund request for proposals seeks applications for high-impact projects that address climate change and that engage the greater Park City community.

The Park City Climate Fund of Park City Community Foundation is dedicated to addressing global warming. The fund aims to engage people and entities in greater Park City to implement local climate solutions that are proven to have great impact and that also have the potential to be effective in other communities, especially Mountain Towns 2030 ( communities.

Mountain towns like Park City have a special role to play in reversing global warming. We experience the impact of climate change in a visceral way when we have winter seasons without much snow, the essential ingredient for the economic livelihood of our community. Since the 1970s, Park City has lost 6 weeks of winter temperatures. Additionally, while our interests are local, our influence is much bigger than our small population. With the influx of more than a million tourists to Park City every year, we have the opportunity to influence people who come here from around the world and who will take climate change lessons and solutions home with them.

By accepting our shared responsibility to take climate action, Park City can reap a host of economic, health, and quality of life benefits for all. The Park City Climate Fund aims to support the implementation of substantive solutions that will have the greatest potential to reduce emissions or sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

Important Dates

July 1, 2020: Application period opens
July 7, 2020, 3:30pm: Optional Q&A meeting for potential applicants via Zoom.
August 6, 2020: Application deadline
October 13, 2020, 1:00-5:00pm: Semifinalist presentations to grants committee (TBD/via Zoom)
November 18, 2020: Notification of results

Eligible Applicants

Nonprofit organizations, businesses, government entities, community groups, individuals, and others are encouraged to apply.

Grants made to entities that are not 501(c)(3) public charities may include supplemental reporting requirements.

Areas of Interest

The Park City Climate Fund will prioritize projects that focus on the greater Park City area (including Summit County and adjacent areas) and its particular climate action opportunities.

Applicants are encouraged to bring forward climate solutions of all kinds that fit the selection criteria listed in the next section of this document.

A partial list of areas of interest may include projects focused on tree planting, carbon sequestration through soils and vegetation, reduced food waste, regenerative agriculture, alternative energy sources, reduced energy use, a personal electric vehicle campaign, green building, public awareness campaigns, and others. Additional ideas for interventions may also be found on the Project Drawdown climate solutions list:

The potential projects listed above are meant to be illustrative, applications for other types of climate solution projects are welcome.

Selection Criteria

The grants committee will consider the following criteria when determining grant awards:

  • Impact on greenhouse gas emissions and/or carbon sequestration.
  • Local community engagement on the proposed area of climate action.
  • Potential for scaling (whether through earned revenues, government funding, debt funding, equity investments, ongoing philanthropic support, or other means).
  • Potential for replication in other communities beyond greater Park City.
  • Capacity of a local group, organization, or individual to successfully carry out the proposed activities.
  • Cost effectiveness of the proposed grant amount in achieving impact.
  • Degree to which the proposed plan addresses diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Proposed projects do not need to meet all criteria, the grants committee will use their best judgment in determining the relative importance of each criterion relative to each application.

Amount Available

The total amount currently available in this grant round is $170,000. If further funding becomes available before grant notifications are made, the total amount awarded may increase.

The grants committee reserves the right to make grants smaller or larger than the amounts requested by applicants, or to not make any grants at all if no projects are selected for funding.

Requested Amounts

Targeting projects that have significant impact, grant awards are expected to range from $50,000 to $100,000 per project. Applicants may request any amount, whether it is within, less than, or higher than that range.

Multiyear Grants

Applicants may request funding for more than one year and may so indicate on the application form and in their project budget. Grant awards made in the current grant round will only commit funds available in the Park City Climate Fund at the time grant decisions are made, whether the grant is for a single year or for multiple years.

Current Restrictions

Only one application per organization per grant cycle will be considered, except when an organization is applying as a collaborative effort of two or more nonprofit organizations.

Application Information May Be Shared with the Public

In order to raise the profile of climate action in greater Park City, selected information from applications may be shared with the public, either verbally in a public meeting or in writing via digital media or other means. Applicants who do not wish part or all of their application information to be shared publicly should state that clearly in their application.

Reporting Requirements

Grantees must provide a narrative and financial report within 13 months of the grant award. Multiyear grants will require annual reporting.

Grantees are also asked to host a site visit and conversation with the grants committee and other interested community members within about six to eight months of the grant award.

Additional reporting requirements may apply depending on the nature of funded projects. Specific reporting requirements and dates will be provided when grants are issued.


The 2020 Park City Climate Fund grant cycle opens on July 1 and the deadline to apply is August 6 with decisions to be made before year end.


Check out the Park City Climate Fund frequently asked questions webpage. You may also contact Rachel Pittard at