Housing Fund

Our Housing Fund supports affordable housing in Summit County and is a community voice for equitable access to housing.


Our area is experiencing historic income inequality and record-high home prices. The lack of attainable and affordable housing has become a crisis. Affordable housing was identified as the top social equity issue faced by community members in a survey we conducted for our Social Equity Strategic Plan. This issue is arguably the most pressing in our community.

Our goal with the Housing Fund is to preserve the diverse nature of our mountain community so that our local workforce and people of all backgrounds can continue to live here. This includes teachers, firefighters, childcare providers, business owners, athletes, families, younger people who grew up here, and older people who have lived here for decades. All play a vital role in maintaining our vibrant community.

Currently, Park City Community Foundation and Mountainlands Community Housing Trust are working collaboratively to inspire local philanthropy in support of affordable housing. A $1 million matching grant is acting as a catalyst to facilitate a multi-million dollar redevelopment project that will improve existing apartments and add new units at Holiday Village and Parkside Apartments. Many of Park City’s most cherished and long-time residents live in these apartments, including community leaders, seniors, and neurodiverse residents living with developmental disabilities.

Take Action on Affordable Housing

We need your help to let local officials and neighbors know that you are for attainable and affordable housing. Your public comment can have a big impact and help ensure that our mountain town is a place where everyone belongs.

  • Become an advocate! Speak up for affordable housing and be part of our coalition of YIMBY’s. You will be contacted with requests to attend important city and county council meetings. Sign up for alerts and news from the Housing Resource Center >>
  • Help us meet the $1 million match by June 30, 2023. Your contributions will support critically needed affordable housing developments in Park City and every dollar you give will be doubled by a match from a generous donor. Donate today >>

“Over the years I’ve seen more and more of my family and friends pushed out due to affordability. My heart is with the workforce and lifeblood of our town. As a former ski patroller, server, and Park City School District teacher, I know the housing challenges well. With the help of Mountainlands Community Housing Trust and Park City Municipal, I got into affordable housing in the Park City Heights neighborhood, and I’m now helping others have the same, life-changing opportunity.” – Megan McKenna, Housing Advocate, Mountainlands Community Housing Trust

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