Community Fund Grants Guidelines

2021 Grant Guidelines

Park City Community Foundation (the Community Foundation) is a nonprofit organization creating an enduring philanthropic community to benefit all the people of greater Park City. To this end, the Community Foundation awards grants to local nonprofit organizations involved in arts and culture, education, sports and recreation, children and families, health and human services, youth services, climate work, and other community-based efforts. The Community Foundation will provide program/project, general support, research, demonstration, capacity building, and matching grants.

Our operational practices and decisions are led by our values:

Partnership – answering community needs by convening donors, nonprofits and other partners

Professionalism – creating a culture of data-driven decision-making, performing in an efficient and transparent manner to validate trust of our donors, our partners and the community

Leadership – proactively addressing community issues by providing vision, inspiration and ideas

Innovation – elevating the community through thoughtful initiatives and strategic risk-taking

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – [describe]

Community Fund Grants Timeline

  • April 1: Application period opens.
  • May 7: Deadline to submit online application.
  • August 3: Applicants notified Grants Committee decision.
  • September 14 (tentative): Grant announcements and payments at annual Community Fund Celebration.

Grants Committee

The Community Fund Grants Committee is composed of at least four members. This committee evaluates the grant proposals and applications and provides recommendations to the Board of Directors for final review and approval. Our 2020 Community Fund Grants Committee includes Anna Frachou (Chair), Courtney Caplan, Mary Ellis, Jolie Iacobelli, Robert La Forgia, Hank Louis, Karen Marriott, Sydney Reed, Bob Richer, and Maureen Saborio. To learn more about our board and the committee members, visit our website:

Community Foundation staff and Grants Committee members are committed to providing ongoing communication and feedback with applicants and grantees. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Community Foundation with questions or concerns about the grant program, your application, and the process.

Board of Directors

The Community Foundation’s Board of Directors consists of up to 34 members who meet four times a year. The Board reviews grant requests and takes final action via email vote on the recommendations made by the Grants Committee.


The Community Foundation staff processes and prepares the grant applications for review by the Grants Committee and Board of Directors. They serve and assist the Grants Committee, but do not vote on grant awards. After grants are awarded, the Community Foundation staff, board members, and/or donors will participate in the monitoring and evaluation process of all grant projects and programs through site visits.

Current Types of Support

The Grants Committee will emphasize support to organizations serving the greater Park City region in the following areas: existing or new programs/projects; operating support; equipment; consulting services; matching funds; technical assistance; start-up funds; and joint requests from multiple applicants.

Current Restrictions

Grants will not be awarded for:

i. debt reductions or retiring past operating deficits;

ii. sponsorships, dinners, or one-time events;

iii. fellowships or other grants to individuals;

iv. loans;

v. litigation;

vi. political or marketing campaigns;

vii. endowment funds;

viii. graduate and post-graduate research;

ix. or for purposes that further political or religious doctrine.

Only one application per organization per grant cycle will be considered, except when an organization is applying as a collaborative effort of two or more nonprofit organizations.

Applicant Eligibility Requirements

Park City Community Foundation will consider grant applications from organizations meeting all of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Conduct activities and programs consistent with the Community Foundation’s mission.
  • Serve people living or working in Summit County (Wasatch County will be considered, although grant making will primarily emphasize organizations based in Summit County).
  • Qualify as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization under the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Applicants without 501(c)(3) status, but which have applied to the IRS for such status, may apply. Receipt letter from the IRS of application is required at time of application to Park City Community Foundation.
  • Applicants without 501(c)(3) status, but which are operating under an organization qualified as a 501(c)(3) organization, may apply separately if they have their own advisory board and have the written consent of the qualified organization. In that case, the application must contain a letter of agreement between the two organizations, which sets forth the responsibilities of each organization.
  • Applicants that are not 501(c)(3) organizations, but are implementing charitable activities for the benefit of the citizens of Summit County, should contact Park City Community Foundation before applying. Under some circumstances, they may be considered for funding but will be required to adhere to separate reporting measures.
  • Organizations awarded a grant must publicize the grant in any press release, publications, or brochures. See Appendix A for further information and guidance.

Grant Amounts

Grants will fall generally in the range of $1,000-$10,000, depending on the amount available for distribution. The Grants Committee does have authority to authorize smaller grants.

Review Criteria

The Grants Committee will use the following criteria to review applications. These criteria are not exclusive, and the board reserves the right to use its own best judgment when making final grant awards.

Needs Assessment

Indicator (either of the following):

  • Applicant demonstrates program/project addresses a significant community need
  • Or, applicant demonstrates the project/program contributes to a vibrant and unique community that enriches the lives of community members

Strategically Planned Approach


  • Goals, objectives, activities/services, and timeline that reflect the applicant’s ability to conceptualize the project and offer a realistic plan for its completion
  • The project/program will either be complete at the end of the grant period or has a sound financial and programmatic strategy for continuing operations beyond the grant period

Significant Results & Benefits


  • Plan to measure and evaluate project/program outcomes (quantitative and/or qualitative) is well articulated

Organizational Capacity & Staff Qualifications


  • Well-run, financially sound organization, unanimous board financial support
  • Strong community support for organization and projects (e.g., diversity of funding sources, community resources, volunteers, number of diverse participants in the program/project, inclusion of local residents on the board)
  • Effective and efficient delivery of program services
  • History of collaboration and partnership; works in concert with other entities, including nonprofits, for-profits, and government
  • Qualified, experienced staff support, stable management, diverse source of revenues, evidence of good stewardship of funds

Project Budget


  • Budget reasonableness, demonstrates that funds will be spent primarily on programs and services, and leverages other funds/funding sources

Multiyear Grants

Park City Community Foundation makes a small number of multiyear Community Fund Grants. The Community Foundation will specifically invite selected organizations to submit applications that cover two- or three-year periods. Organizations not invited to submit a multi-year proposal should submit a regular annual grant proposal. Any multiyear grants awarded will be subject to annual renewal based on the results of annual site visits, funding availability, and any other factors at the discretion of the Community Fund Grants Committee.

Organizations with an active multiyear grant may submit, before the annual grant application deadline, a simple letter requesting grant continuation, rather than submitting a full application.

Possible Complementary Funding

To increase the amount available to distribute through the Community Fund Grants program, the Community Foundation may approach donor advised fundholders and/or other donors to invite them to co-fund a limited number of Community Fund Grants. Applying organizations should be aware that their application information may be shared by the Community Foundation with these fundholders and/or donors to invite them to participate in funding. Any organization not wishing to have their information shared should contact Rachel Olson at or 435-731-4250 to request that their information not be shared.

Application Process

Community Fund Grant applications must be submitted online by 11:59pm on Thursday, May 7, 2020.

How to Submit:

  • Starting Wednesday, April 1, the Community Fund grant application will be available online through our new portal. You will be able to view the guidelines and preview the application questions. Then be sure to log on or create an account (if it’s your first time using our new system). Be sure to complete the application and submit by Thursday, May 7.
  • Please do not submit applications via email or in hard copy. Only digital applications received through the online application form will be considered.
  • Questions? Contact Rachel Pittard at