Curbside Food Waste Collection

Weekly food waste collection is now available in greater Park City.

Residential food waste collection is now available in zip codes 84060 and 84098 through Momentum Recycling.

Sign up to receive weekly pick ups of ALL your food waste through Momentum Recycling. No sorting necessary!

Be one of the first 1,000 homes to sign up and receive:

First month FREE
Activation fees waived
Curbside bin
Kitchen caddy and roll of compostable bags


Use promo code ZFWINCENTIVE5 or ZFWINCENTIVE16 (depending on bin size) during checkout on Momentum Recycling's website.

How it works in the 84060 and 84098 zip codes:

Sign Up

Sign up on Momentum Recycling's website using the button below.

Get Freebies!

Use promo code ZFWINCENTIVE5 or ZFWINCENTIVE16 at check out to get your first month free, all activation fees waived, and a starter kit as part of the Zero Food Waste incentive program for the first 1,000 homes.

Give a Scrap

Throw ALL FOOD SCRAPS into the bin, including meat, bones, dairy, oils, fats, avocado pits, and so on. No sorting needed!

Roll Out!

Put the curbside bin out on designated days for weekly pickups. 

Repeat & Share

Repeat steps 3 and 4 indefinitely and tell all your friends and family how easy it is!

Learn More

Find out more about Zero Food Waste and explore resources to reduce and eliminate food waste from our local landfill.

Frequently Asked Questions

A 5-gallon bin costs $19.50/month and a 16-gallon bin costs $27/month. You receive a 10% discount if you pay for a full year upfront.

The first 1,000 households will receive the first month free, waived activation fees, a kitchen caddy with a roll of compostable bags, and a 5- or 16-gallon curbside bin. Use promo code ZFWINCENTIVE5 for the 5-gallon bin option and ZFWINCENTIVE16 for the 16-gallon bin during checkout on Momentum Recycling's site. 

While we are not yet focused on businesses for the Zero Food Waste initiative, that will be coming. In the meantime: Momentum Recycling serves businesses in Summit County.

Learn more on Momentum's website.

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