A Fund of Their Own: Youths launch Girls’ Giving Fund

At the July 10 Women’s Giving Fund Grant Celebration, 10 girls aged 7-13 were invited to the stage by board member, Karen Marriott, but not just to announce the winner.

The girls announced they are the founding members of a fund of their own.

Girls’ Giving Fund is the brainchild of 12-year-old, Paige Rock, after her mom returned from the first Women’s Giving Fund Grant Celebration.

“I feel like you’ll never know how if you haven’t given back before,” Paige said. “It’s really important that people at a young age start to give back now.”

Each member will donate $100 and Paige encourages the girls to fundraise or donate their own money saved. She has recruited 10 girls to each recruit 10 girls each donating. Funds will be raised now through October 10 and a $5,000 grant will be announced at Live PC Give PC, November 10.

For more information, please visit Girls’ Giving Fund. 
Donate to Girls’ Giving Fund.

Photo credit: The Park Record

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