Park City Climate Fund

The Park City Climate Fund aims to engage greater Park City community members in implementing local, high-impact climate solutions that also have the potential to be effective in similar communities.

“We see global warming not as an inevitability but as an invitation to build, innovate, and effect change, a pathway that awakens creativity, compassion, and genius.” —Paul Hawken, environmentalist, author, leading activist, and founder of Project Drawdown

Mountain towns like Park City have a special role to play in addressing global warming. We experience the impact of climate change in a visceral way when we have winter seasons without much snow, the essential ingredient for the economic livelihood of our community. Since the 1970s, Park City has lost six weeks of winter temperatures. Additionally, while our interests are local, our influence is much bigger than our small population. With the influx of more than a million tourists to Park City every year, we have the opportunity to inspire people who come here from around the world and who will take climate change lessons and solutions home with them.

By accepting our shared responsibility to take climate action, Park City can reap a host of economic, health, and quality of life benefits for all. The Park City Climate Fund provides a critical step toward ensuring that we have the resources in place to implement substantive solutions that will have the greatest potential to reduce emissions or sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

Right here in Park City we can scale projects that have been proven to support the drawdown of factors contributing to global warming. We care greatly about climate change and want to be a leader and model for other communities—for the good of our local place and for the good of humanity.

Grants Process

Park City Community Foundation will issue annual requests for proposals (RFPs) or collaborative invitations aimed at specific areas of climate action.

The Park City Climate Fund prioritizes projects that focus on the greater Park City area (including Summit County and adjacent areas) and its particular climate action opportunities. Additionally, of interest are interventions found on the Project Drawdown climate solutions list.

Past Grantees

The first round of Park City Climate Fund grants were awarded in February 2020 to Recycle Utah, TreeUtah, and Utah Clean Energy. Read more >>

The second round of Park City Climate Fund grants was awarded in October 2020 to Ecology Bridge, EATS Park City, Mountain Towns 2030, Planned Parenthood Association of Utah, Recycle Utah, Summit Land Conservancy, the Sorenson Impact Center, and a partnership between Wild Utah Project and Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter. Read more >>

Supporting the Fund

Please join us in building this fund for climate solutions. Donations to the Park City Climate Fund will support the projects selected for grant investments, allowing programs to be promptly implemented while also providing support to ensure that the Community Foundation can continue to support climate and environment efforts over the long term. Online gifts are welcome, or please call or email Sam Mueller at 435-214-7477 or to explore other giving methods.

“We moved to Park City because we love this place! We want to preserve, protect, and nurture our home for future generations to enjoy.” – Sarah Hall, Park City Community Foundation Board Member