Building equity and inclusion for local students.

If you are a Park City High School student interested in receiving financial support for sports and extracurricular activities, please fill out this registration form.

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RISE Fund is an initiative that facilitates equitable access for students to take part in sports, clubs, or extracurricular activities.

The goal is to build equity and inclusion in greater Park City and RISE Fund is a great example of how that is happening at Park City High School.

Generous donors have provided the initial grant to make the RISE (Recreation, Inclusion, Sports, and Extracurriculars) Fund possible, and the Community Foundation staff is implementing this exciting initiative in partnership with high school staff and students.

The Community Foundation estimates that one-third of Park City High School students are unable to fully commit to participation in extracurriculars due to cost or other barriers. RISE Fund will make it possible to include all students–both in socioeconomic status and racial/cultural diversity.

RISE Fund identifies the systemic challenges barring low-income students from extracurricular activities and addresses them in a more cohesive way. By eliminating financial barriers such as fees, travel and equipment costs, and other outlying factors, the RISE Fund will create access for students whose families may not be able to afford the full cost of these programs.

Students interested in the RISE Fund can call Junior Vieyra at 435.714.2820 or email him at junior@parkcitycf.org

Donors who would like to contribute to the success of the RISE Fund can contact Sam Mueller at sam@parkcitycf.org

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