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We envision a Park City where all children have the opportunity to be active and engaged through sports and recreation.

The goal of Solomon Fund is to facilitate access to sports and recreation opportunities for Latinx youth to create a more inclusive, and complete community. Mirroring the percentage of students in the school district, we aim to reach 20% Latinx participation in programs offered in Park City. Benefits for active children are multifaceted and lead to long-term healthy lifestyles and greater academic achievement.*

Solomon Fund is a program of Park City Community Foundation that addresses several barriers that currently hinder participation for these families, including:

  • Scholarships and Gear: Solomon Fund partners with many local organizations and businesses to help set up scholarship programs, recruit Latinx children, and in some cases, provides grants to help supplement their scholarship programs. Additionally, on an ad hoc basis, Solomon Fund connects kids to gear, including bikes, skis, and helmets.
  • Cultural Inclusion: Unless a space is intentionally designed to think about children from diverse backgrounds, it may be challenging for a child to feel included and fully participate when they are the only one that looks like them. Solomon Fund facilitates community conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion and supports partner p90x back and biceps workout organizations on best practices when working with Latinx children and families.
  • Communication and Outreach: Historically, sports and recreation opportunities haven’t been noticed by Latinx families due to communication gaps between organizations and families. Translation of promotional materials and outreach is creating more engagement and participation from Latinx families.

For Interested Latinx Families

Interested in signing up your child for a program? Contact José Chacón at 801-657-0106 or

¿Interesado en inscribir a su niño en un programa? Póngase en contacto con José al

Solomon Fund Partner Organizations

Solomon Fund partners with over 30+ local organizations and businesses to address the above barriers, and increase access to sports and recreation for Latinx families in our community.

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Solomon Fund is pleased to accept donations to help support Latinx participation in sports and recreation opportunities in Park City. All donations should be made payable to Park City Community Foundation. Please indicate that the donation is for Solomon Fund.

Mail: Park City Community Foundation, P.O. Box 681499, Park City, UT 84068
Phone: Sarah MacCarthy: 970-846-7770

*Benefits of active lifestyles for children according to research conducted by The Aspen Institute and Project Play.

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