Establishing a Donor Advised Fund

Be the change.

When you establish a fund at Park City Community Foundation, you’re making an impact that’s multiplied right away—and that keeps on giving well into the future. With our unique emphasis on nonprofit support, we help you sustain organizations that are making a real difference. And our expertise in long-range investing and giving means you’ll get the maximum return on every dollar you donate. What’s more, because your fund can be designed to address whatever issues are most dear to your heart—whether local or global—we make sure your philanthropy is both personally meaningful and collectively impactful.

Four simple steps for starting a fund.

Getting a fund going doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it’s quite simple.

  1. See 5 Reasons to Open a Donor Advised Fund with Park City Community Foundation. Did you know our fund management fees are invested back into the community?
  2. Learn How Donor Advised Funds work. Understand how your funds are invested, managed, and considered from a tax perspective.
  3. Contact us to get started. Our experienced staff can help you decide the best fund structure and context for spending policies to help you reach your philanthropic goals.
  4. Start supporting Park City and beyond. We can help advise your giving goals given our relationships and history supporting our front-line community nonprofits.

Contact us today.

If you’re interested in establishing a Donor Advised Fund, please contact our Philanthropy Manager, Sam Mueller, at or 435-659-5984.