5 Reasons to Open a Donor Advised Fund With Us

“Working with community foundations reduces guesswork in achieving philanthropic goals” – Financial Advisor Magazine

A Donor Advised Fund is a giving vehicle that many people use as an alternative to having their own private foundation. They have much lower administrative costs, they are easy to set up, and are a very flexible way to receive immediate tax benefits while also donating to causes you love for years to come.

Here are five reasons to open a Donor Advised Fund at Park City Community Foundation.

1 – Donor Guidance 

Our team offers guidance and can connect you to the right resources, all in service of helping you maximize your philanthropic impact in a way that makes sense for your overall wealth plan. When you set up a donor advised fund with Park City Community Foundation, you recommend where the charitable contributions go, while we handle everything else. 

Your impact is multiplied right away—and that keeps on giving well into the future. Our expertise in long-range investing and giving means you will receive the maximum return on every dollar you donate. What is more, because your fund can be designed to address whatever issues are most dear to your heartwe make sure your philanthropy is both personally meaningful and collectively impactful. 

2 – Sound Investment Policies 

We have brought together Park City’s leading financial managers, investment professionals, and accredited investors to form our Investment & Finance Committee. Together, this committee is responsible for upholding Park City Community Foundation’s Investment Policy while making decisions in an efficient, sustainable, and transparent manner. 

3 – Socially Conscious Equity Investments  

In 2020, our Investment & Finance Committee made the decision to transition to “ESG” (environmental, social, and governance) investment filters to remove investments that are at odds with the Community Foundation’s values. These ESG guidelines more closely align our endowment with Park City Community Foundation’s focus on the people, place, and culture of our community. The same filters apply to Donor Advised Fund equity investments. Read more about socially responsible investing » 

4 – Socially Responsible Grantee Due Diligence 

Park City Community Foundation is required to ensure that donor advised fund disbursements only go to entities that meet certain criteria. As an added layer of due diligence, Park City Community Foundation will not issue fund disbursements to organizations that explicitly attack or malign, or espouse poor treatment of, or reduce the legitimacy of individuals or groups on the basis of their having certain perceived or physiological characteristics, including, but not limited to, race, color, religion, national origin (including membership in a Native American tribe), sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, mental or physical abilities. Additionally, the Community Foundation will not disburse funds to organizations with policies or practices that do not align with our mission, core values, and commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.    

5 – Account Fees Are Reinvested in Our Community 

When you have a donor advised fund at Park City Community Foundation, you are increasing and accelerating our impact on the community as conveners and supporters of local nonprofits through grants, education, and collaboration opportunities. Specifically, Donor Advised Fund management fee revenue supports our Community Fund grant program which provides donations to dozens of local organizations each year. The Community Fund enriches the lives of those living and working in Summit County by supporting work in the areas of climate, early childhood education, mental health, trail maintenance, youth sports activities, arts and culture, and much more.  

Open a Fund

You can establish a fund by completing a fund agreement and making an irrevocable contribution of at least $25,000. You will receive an immediate tax deduction and can start recommending grants right away. Contact Sam Mueller at sam@parkcitycf.org or 435-214-7477 to get started.