MT2030: Inspiring Climate Action Locally & Across 40 Mountain Towns

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Snow is at the heart of our community – it’s critical to our culture and our economy. That’s why our community has set an ambitious goal – carbon neutral by 2030. 

As a community problem solver, Park City Community Foundation needs to look beyond the local to the regional, national, or even global when it comes to protecting our local sense of place.  In the face of a changing climate, how do we act locally while inspiring action far beyond Park City?

Early this year, a group of citizens and public leaders proposed a conference of mountain communities that would be willing to join with Park City, Summit County, and others in committing to ambitious climate action by 2030. Thus was born Mountain Towns 2030, right here in Park City, and Park City Community Foundation is a Mountain Towns 2030 Founding Partner.

Leaders, such as policy makers and resort operators, from 40 other mountain communities across the US and beyond are attending next week’s Mountain Towns 2030 Net Zero Summit, and are making commitments to climate action. They will stay connected as a coalition in the months and years to come.

Park City Community Foundation has helped rally volunteers and experts for the Mountain Towns 2030 organizing team, and as “fiscal sponsor,” has provided the administrative platform to launch this big idea.

Andy Beerman, Park City Mayor says, “Park City is at the forefront in leading mountain towns to take action in reversing climate change and Park City Community Foundation plays a critical role. Every generation has something that defines them, whether it’s a world war, a depression, or putting a human on the moon. I think climate change is going to define this era and our local focus on this issue has the power to serve as an example for global impact.”

The public is welcome to attend Mountain Towns 2030 opening night with Dr. Jane Goodall at Eccles Center.

Park City Community Foundation has now announced big news about the new Climate Fund.

Interested donors can contribute to the fund by contacting Katie Wright at Park City Community Foundation: 435-214-7476 or

Interested projects can learn more and apply for a grant by December 5, 2019 at

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