Partially Updated Summit County Childcare Needs Assessment

The Early Childhood Alliance has updated some of the data sources contained within the Summit County Childcare Needs Assessment briefed to the Summit County Council on June 28, 2023. The update does not contain an updated community or provider survey, or revised demand analysis, but does update some relevant information from publicly-available data sources relating to access and affordability of childcare in Summit County.

Some key takeaways from the update include:

  • Public school enrollments and birth rates continue to decline in Summit County

  • School readiness continues to be a concern, particularly for our low-income, minority, and English-language learning students

  • Childcare continues to increase in expense

  • Utah’s childcare workforce is paid less and receives fewer benefits than the total labor force in Utah, despite having roughly equivalent levels of education

The update also highlights two encouraging changes: Park City School District’s expansion of its preschool program and Park City and Summit County investments in our local childcare ecosystem.

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