Summit County Takes Initial Steps in Childcare Investment

Park City Community Foundation’s Early Childhood Alliance is pleased to see more public funding committed to early childcare and education. The Summit County Council finalized its 2024 budget on the evening of December 13, navigating through various cuts and deferments to balance budgets without resorting to further tax increases. Despite these challenges, council members greenlit two crucial investments in childcare:

  1. $150,000 towards Supporting Summit County Employees
  2. $130,000 to Support Community Members through a Summit County Needs-Based Scholarship or an Employer Match Program as outlined in the Community Childcare Proposal

Beyond these financial commitments, the county is actively exploring measures such as waiving Conditional Use Permits and Building Permit Fees to streamline the entry of new childcare providers into the market.

Despite falling short of our Early Childhood Alliance’s initial request—originally set at $3 million and later revised down to $330,000—we recognize the intricacies and constraints of this year’s budgets. We commend the Summit County Council for taking the inaugural steps towards investing in early childhood care and education. A sincere thank you to the community members, leaders, organizations, providers, and advocates who voiced their concerns on this matter. Your unwavering support and activism have made a significant impact.

The childcare crisis is a systemic issue requiring sustained support, investment, and innovation on a broad scale. We will continue to collaborate with all sectors and levels in an effort to provide assistance to our local families and workforce, acknowledging that there is much work ahead to navigate this complex challenge. 

We will keep the community informed as these funds are officially allocated and become available. In the meantime, we extend our warmest wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season and anticipate further advocacy and progress in 2024!

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