Women’s Giving Fund Membership Rises to 2,022 in 2022

Park City Community Foundation adds 338 new members and $338,000 to the fund to better support local women and children.

Park City Community Foundation is proud to announce that its Women’s Giving Fund has reached a goal of growing to 2,022 members. This growth means that more funding will be available to local organizations that help women and children. At the beginning of 2022, Women’s Giving Fund set this aggressive goal to expand its membership and last week the goal was met. 

The addition of 338 new members in 2022 adds $338,000 to the fund allowing this circle of philanthropic women to significantly increase the money they grant each year. 

“As Park City and Summit County have grown, the needs of women and children are also growing and becoming more and more complex,” says Dalia Gonzalez, Chair of the Women’s Giving Fund Grant Committee. “Last year we granted $45,000 and now with this big infusion into the fund, we plan to grant $100,000 in 2023.”

To become a member for life, each woman donates at least $1,000, which can be split into monthly payments. Together, these donations grow in the fund that is endowed by Park City Community Foundation. Grants are made to local nonprofits from the fund’s earnings in perpetuity. 

Since 2014, the fund has grown to over $2.2 million and eight local grants have been made totaling $283,000. Support has gone to medical services for women and children, early childhood education programs, transitional housing for women recovering from domestic violence, youth mentorship programs, caregivers of older adults, and more.

“I’m honored to be one of the founding members of Women’s Giving Fund. When we started the fund back in 2014, we got inspired 1,000 women to join us that year. I’m extremely grateful that we’ve increased our membership to 2,022 members in 2022 because we are now equipped with more dollars to better address the inequities that women in our community experience,” said Kristi Cumming, Park City Community Foundation Board Member.

One hundred and thirty-three of the new Women’s Giving Fund memberships made in 2022 were donated to honor women who live or work in Summit County, but who might not be able to afford the full cost of membership.

“It’s important to this group that our Women’s Giving Fund membership reflects the diverse nature of our local population and workforce because we are better grantmakers when our members have personal experience and knowledge about the issues local women face,” continued Cumming.

Women’s Giving Fund members have the opportunity to nominate honorary members and each year they can vote for the nonprofit organization that will receive the annual grant. They also make social connections through various events hosted by Park City Community Foundation and through self-organized activities such as hiking, skiing, and happy hours.

About Women’s Giving Fund – This powerful group is an initiative of Park City Community Foundation that includes 2,022 members who make high-impact grants to help local women and children in need. Women+ become members for life by making a $1,000 contribution to the fund. Women’s Giving Fund is more than a circle of philanthropists – it’s an entire community of women helping women. Learn more about Park City Community Foundation’s Women’s Giving Fund or become a member at https://parkcitycf.org/womensgivingfund.

About Park City Community Foundation – The Community Foundation plays a vital role in solving the biggest challenges in greater Park City. It cares for and invests in our people, place, and culture by bringing together local nonprofits, donors, and community leaders to contribute financial resources and innovative ideas to benefit all the people of Park City—now and in the future. As the home of Live PC Give PC, Women’s Giving Fund, Solomon Fund, and other important initiatives, the Community Foundation has brought millions of dollars to Park City and Summit County. Learn more about donating, volunteering, fundraising, and getting involved at parkcitycf.org.

Media Contact: Christine Coleman, Park City Community Foundation, christine@parkcitycf.org, 415-209-8506.

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