Apply for the Park City Childcare Scholarship Program

If you’re a parent, you likely understand the woes of finding, securing, and affording high-quality childcare. This is a nationwide issue, but back in June of 2023, Park City Municipal recognized the local implications of this important issue and invested $1 million to help support families that live and/or work within the municipal limits of Park City (84060 zip code).

Setting up a new program takes hard work and time, but the Park City childcare scholarship program launched on January 1, 2024, with four different types of scholarships and incentives available:

  • Scholarships for residents of Park City
  • Scholarships for infants and toddlers whose parents live or work in Park City
  • Scholarships for Park City Municipal employees
  • Incentives for childcare providers located within Summit County

We are excited to see applications being submitted, local providers signing up, and money invested to help lessen the burden on families and providers. There is still money available, but the scholarships are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

We created a page where you can find the eligibility requirements, FAQs, a scholarship calculator, and other helpful resources:

Apply today! Don’t miss this great opportunity to invest in your child’s care and education!

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