Meet Stefani Kimche, a Founding Member of Women’s Giving Fund

As an entrepreneur, mother, and board member at various local nonprofits, Stefani and her daughters have been members of Women’s Giving Fund since it was founded in 2014. Since then, she has been a “Wonder Woman,” giving recurring gifts each year. She uses memberships as thank you gifts to her real estate clients when they close on properties. “I think it is a fantastic way to welcome them to our community and give them immediate access to a group of wonderful women and causes.”

We asked Stefani five questions about her passion for visual arts, her experience creating and teaching the Elementary Visual Arts program, and what she loves about being part of Women’s Giving Fund.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.  

My husband, Scott, and I are originally from Washington, DC, but moved here in 1999 from California. I currently am the owner of a boutique real estate brokerage in Park City: b2 and company. We have three children who were born and raised here and attended Park City’s amazing public schools. I have served on the boards of the Summit Institute, Wasatch Adaptive Sports, Park City Performing Arts Foundation, and currently serve on the board of Kimball Art Center. I love my family, my fur babies, my art, and where I live. I enjoy mountain activities and the amazing lifestyle that our hometown offers.  

2. What causes are you most passionate about?   

I love causes that create equitable opportunity. I am especially passionate about visual arts. I am one of the founders and creators of the Elementary Visual Arts program, which has been providing visual art education in the public school system for the past decade. I taught art in the EVA program for 13 years and it was pure joy to watch young minds embrace their creativity, experience art, have access to quality art materials, and develop their creative brains.   

3. What drew you to join the Women’s Giving Fund?   

I love supporting nonprofits that support women and children. When my friend and neighbor, Jody Gross, approached me about the idea of Women’s Giving Fund, I immediately signed myself and my two daughters up as founding members. Since then, I have used a membership as a “thank you” gift to my real estate clients who close on properties. I think it is a fantastic way to welcome them to our community and give them immediate access to a group of wonderful women and causes.   

4. What do you love most about being part of the Women’s Giving Fund?   

The community and the collective female energy. So many women here are change-makers and are passionate supporting their community. It is inspiring! 

5. What have you gained by joining Women’s Giving Fund that you may not have originally expected?  

I have gained community and a sense of female empowerment to create change. As with many giving opportunities, you often get more then you give if you embrace the cause… It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of this amazing group of Park City women. 

If you’re not yet a member of Women’s Giving Fund, please consider joining »


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