Climate Fund Grantee – Sorenson Impact Center


2020 Grantee ($15,000) to the Sorenson Impact Center to better position a coalition of stakeholders currently lobbying for the passage of a state-chartered, nonprofit financial institution that utilizes its capital to invest in clean energy projects. The institution would operate similar to “green bank” models successfully pioneered in other states, including Colorado & Washington.

The grant funds were used to develop a white paper as a tool for presentations to state legislators about the benefits of investment in the alternative energy sector.  The white paper was completed in February of 2021 and leveraged this past state legislative session in support of House Bill 263 entitled “Utah Clean Energy Fund.” Although the Bill did not pass in the 2021 legislative session, we look forward to understanding strategy recommendations for the successful passage for future legislative sessions.  

For more information contact:

Josh Craft, Government & Corporate Relations Manager
Utah Clean Energy