Do we have an inclusive culture?

Park City Community Foundation is committed to continuing to foster a community where all members can feel like they belong. We are a diverse community and we see that as one of our biggest strengths. Anti-Blackness, antisemitism, bigotry, and other forms of intolerance are once again making headlines in our community, and as an organization, we have nothing but contempt for these outrageous forms of hatred. They are an attack on decency and humanity and the very fiber that brings us together as a cohesive community.

Our goal is to have a safe and inclusive community for everyone, and that means acceptance for all religious faiths, cultures, and races. It takes intentional work to ensure that everyone feels a genuine sense of belonging, especially community members who are Jewish, Black, Latino, Asian, LGBTQ+, differently-abled, or any other minority.

These latest incidents targeting Jewish and Black community members highlight why the city, the school district, the Community Foundation, and many local businesses and organizations have made inclusion a priority. We are all impacted by these acts of hatred.

The Community Foundation is proud to be a leader in work to advance equity and inclusion and, while we continue to make progress, it is long-term work and requires a cultural shift. It requires collaboration and vulnerability.

As a growing and increasingly diverse community it’s important that we treat each other with respect and dignity and we’ve seen many calls to action in the last week to do just that. We also believe it’s critical to take actionable steps that increase the understanding of our diverse cultures and histories. For example, we have the opportunity to provide anti-bias education, including Holocaust education and discussions about racial inequities. That’s a positive thing for our children and for residents of all ages; it helps to foster the more inclusive culture that Parkites and Summit County residents want.

Next steps? We acknowledge the important role education plays in creating greater empathy and compassion, and we would like to offer support and resources to our schools. We would like to offer opportunities for inclusive conversations for the entire community so we can all listen and be heard. And we will work with community partners to come up with action plans that create a safer and more inclusive community. As a community, let’s learn and grow together.

In solidarity,

Kristi Cumming and Karen Conway

Board Chair and Vice Chair of Park City Community Foundation

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