2017 Annual Update

Dear Friend,

Park City Community Foundation began ten years ago and people sometimes still ask, “What do you do?” In the following pages, we will share stories about our wide community impact through two current initiatives: the Solomon Fund: Integration through Recreation and the Mental Wellness Alliance. We believe they illuminate our mission of creating an enduring philanthropic community to benefit all the people of Park City.

In this letter, we want to share a story of our foundational presence. Last year, the Children’s Justice Center met Heather*, a young girl who had been assaulted during the night. The experts at the CJC recommended that Heather receive a checkup by a specialized pediatrician right away. The family agreed, but then had to wait for hours in a Salt Lake City emergency room. Imagine your child in crisis: no shower, no mug of hot chocolate, no homemade soup, no blanket, and no comfort of home.

Park City Community Foundation’s expert philanthropic advisory services resulted in the Children’s Justice Center receiving the annual Park City Community Foundation Women’s Giving Fund grant of $30,000. The CJC was able to purchase the medical equipment to ensure that our children, when faced with a horrible situation, get the care they need immediately and locally.

The Children’s Justice Center, in addition to the funds, received recognition for and awareness of their programs and connected with more volunteers, board members, and donors. Park City Community Foundation nurtured this key service in our community and accelerated their success.

This is why Park City Community Foundation exists. We bring donors, volunteers, nonprofits, and all the people of our community together to make Park City a better place. After 10 years of strong leadership, serving the needs of Park City, and proven financial stewardship, our impact has increased substantially. In 2016 alone, we directed $1.6 million in grants and raised $1.7 million during Live PC Give PC, and we have achieved a cumulative impact of $13 million since our inception.

Upwards of 90% of these funds are earmarked for specific nonprofits and programs. That is why your generosity is so critical. Your unrestricted donations allow us to quickly respond to the urgent needs of Park City. We envision a time when Park City Community Foundation has the financial and human resources to tackle more of our community’s most complicated and pervasive issues. Flexible resources are critical to making this possible, and we thank you for being a part of making us more nimble, ever better at creating an enduring philanthropic community for all the people of Park City.

Philanthropically yours,

Katie Wright, Executive Director

Jack Mueller, Board Chair


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