Keep on Dancing: Solomon Fund Update


Your generosity enables us to lead initiatives such as the Solomon Fund. We first wrote about Stefany in our Annual Update in September. We are excited to update you on her progress and on other successes of the Solomon Fund.

Stefany reignited her passion for dance after signing up for a Ballet West camp at the Solomon Fund registration event in April. She now dances nine hours each week at the Ballet West Academy in Park City. Through her dance classes, Stefany has not only gained confidence and improved her dancing, but also has made new friends. In the past six months, the Academy has gone from 3 Latina dancers to 23! The Solomon Fund has made this activity, and more than 30 others, possible, giving children like Stefany the chance to be active and promoting a more integrated and complete community.

The increase in the ballet program’s diversity serves as an encouraging success story as the Solomon Fund finishes its first year. Since inception, the Solomon Fund has collaborated with over 20 local organizations by translating their materials, helping them reach families, and providing grants. Through registration events and outreach, hundreds of kids have been able to access camps, teams, and leagues. As we think about our goal of reaching 21% Latino participation across sports and recreation programs in Park City, we look forward to the year to come.

What are the Solomon Fund’s plans for 2018? We will continue to expand our outreach efforts in the community and hope to double our newsletter recipients and Facebook followers. These are our two main avenues of communication with families. In addition, we will continue to strengthen and build the coalition by partnering with new organizations. We intend to poll families to help tailor offerings to the needs of the community. The Solomon Fund continues to play a critical convening role in the community and we look forward to more stories like Stefany’s next year.

“It is really good to have opportunities like this and I am really grateful for that, I feel like I can actually be something when I am older.” – Stefany, 10 years old

You make this possible. Because of you, we bring donors, volunteers, nonprofits, and all the people of our community together to make Park City a better place. We hope you’ll consider an end of year gift to support Park City Community Foundation. Donate by clicking here.


Love the video! Thank you for creating a program that helps all children to become their greatest. Stefany is a beautiful dancer and you can see the love her mother has for her beautiful daughter.

Molina Healthcare is proud to support this amazing program!


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