Nonprofit Roundtable: Leadership Development Tools for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Executives and Board Members Gather to Learn Leadership Development Tools

When you give to Park City Community Foundation you’re supporting the nonprofits that enrich our community across a range of interests. Through your donations, we’re able to provide nonprofits with grants and community support along with ongoing education, training in best practices and leadership development tools. It’s how we all pull together to make the people and places of Park City even better.

On May 30, Park City Community Foundation hosted a joint Executive Director/Board Member Roundtable — a financial booster hour with Betsy Wallace, CFO, Managing Director of Sundance Institute. Financial sustainability is core to mission, we are grateful to Betsy for her excellent presentation and to the thirty-one people representing twenty organizations for attending and learning and engaging with their peers.

Leadership Development Tools

Betsy’s presentation is short, succinct, easy to understand and serves as a great catalyst for deeper conversations within our nonprofit organizations. 

Click here to view the presentation.

One topic Betsy spoke about was using dashboards to ensure the right information is shared and that the information is understandable and useful for the staff and the board. Included in her presentation is the dashboard Sundance uses for their KPIs (key performance indicators). They use Domo to create their dashboard, visit this link to see if it’s something that may be useful for your organization: And don’t hesitate to reach out to your colleagues to see how they incorporate dashboards as a tool.

Several participants expressed needs for nonprofit bookkeepers/accountants and auditors. Hadley Dynak, Executive Director, Park City Summit County Arts Council, and Ellen Silver, Executive Director, Jewish Family Service, suggested Shaw and Company and Larson and Company. Please visit the below link to see all of the finance/auditing services (including Shaw and Larson) listed on the Utah Nonprofits Association website. UNA states that this is a directory of services, not an endorsement of these organizations. It is advised that you do your own due diligence.

Additional Resources: Blue Avocado

Blue avocado is a great resource to help expand your leadership development tools. Visit or sign up at

Betsy’s presentation includes key points about the importance and challenge of deciding when to invest more deeply in a program and when to let one go. Another resource on this topic is Blue Avocado’s two-part post on matrix mapping. Matrix mapping can be an excellent tool and a catalyst for deeper conversation. 

Part one:

Part two:

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