What is Social Equity?

Park City has taken a lead role in collaborating to further the vision of a complete community where everyone is included, has equitable access to resources, and feels welcome, safe, and valued.

In partnership with Park City Municipal Corporation, Park City Community Foundation is convening the community to build greater social equity and a more complete community. Park City Community Foundation will mobilize its deep convening experience to bring the community together in a coalition that will perform a social equity self-diagnosis, identify existing social equity resources and gaps, prioritize the most significant and addressable social equity challenges, develop a multiyear strategic plan, and support Park City Municipal Corporation in ensuring it serves a wide range of constituents.


Social Equity Data Report

If you would like to read the entire Social Equity Data Report, please click here.

Social Equity Community Survey

Thank you for helping us identify the biggest social equity issues in Park City and Summit County! The preliminary results from the survey are in and the full Social Equity Data Report is getting a few final touches. Stay tuned for our next steps!

Social Equity Events

Click on the link above to learn more about upcoming community events as they relate to social equity.

Social Equity Book Club

This Month’s Social Equity Featured Book: Super Late Bloomer: My Early Days in Transition by Julia Kaye, and you can also watch the movie Quiet Heroes for a deeper dive. We will meet on July 1st at 5:30pm at Boneyard.

See the list of books we have read so far and come to our monthly Book Club meeting.

Social Equity Resource List

Do you want to learn more about diversity, equity, and inclusion? Thank you to Park City Library for collaborating on this project! We hope to update this list soon with additional resources; videos, podcasts, articles, etc. If you have any recommendations, please let us know by emailing Sarah at sarah@parkcitycf.org.

The Ineffability of Social Equity

There’s a certain indefinable quality to the term social equity, primarily due to it’s multiple interpretations. At its core, social equity is concerned with fairness and justice. Click on the above title to learn more about some of the challenges that we face defining it.

Park City Municipal Selects Park City Community Foundation to Serve as Social Equity Community Convener

PARK CITY, UTAH (October 18, 2018) – Park City Municipal Corporation is pleased to announce the selection of Park City Community Foundation to serve as the Social Equity Community Convener to advance work on the critical community priority of social equity. In the role of Social Equity Community Convener, the Park City Community Foundation will facilitate collaboration between local nonprofits, advocates, and partner organizations to identify pressing social equity challenges facing our community and develop a strategic action plan to address these needs. Read the full press release here.

KPCW: Park City Awards $100,000-Dollar Contract For Social Equity Project

Park City Municipal awarded a $100,000-dollar contract to the Park City Community Foundation to serve as the social equity community convener. This year Park City established Social Equity as a critical priority, so the funds will be used primarily to identify goals and to build a strategic plan over the next year. Listen here.



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Questions or ideas about social equity? Please email Diego Zegarra at diego@parkcitycf.org.


Social Equity

Social Equity Update: Community Coming Together

With the support of Park City Municipal Corporation, and building on the tremendous work local nonprofits are doing, Park City Community Foundation is addressing social equity in our town. The work has already begun, and our goal is for Park City and Summit County to be a thriving community where everyone has access to opportunities […]

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Social Equity

The Ineffability of Social Equity

When talking about social equity, these questions almost invariably come up: “What does it mean? What problem are you trying to solve?” More often than not my answer has evoked elevator speeches, uttering platitudes that may not necessarily answer the question in a succinct way. I tend to mention the words inclusiveness, equitable access to […]

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