2018 Annual Update

Dear Friend,

In April, we hosted a panel of local dreamers — young people who grew up in Park City but weren’t always citizens. These rising leaders bravely shared their stories. They told us about neighbors who took them to sports practice. They told us about parents who encouraged them to aim for college. A connected community of helpers and mentors, parents and extended family nurtured and supported these kids. Now they stood in front of us as impressive young adults.

What we didn’t expect, but did learn in listening to their stories, was the amount of stress and fear the dreamers in our community carry — every day. These young adults we met represent success stories, but their challenges are real, persistent, and not yet resolved.

The lesson we learned is at the heart of the Community Foundation’s work — caring for each other is complicated work. To achieve significant community impact and reach all the people of Park City, the Community Foundation convenes nonprofits, businesses, philanthropists, and government, stewards financial resources, and works community wide to find enduring solutions.

Two people who exemplify our work are Tom and Pat Grossman. Tom and Pat are deeply involved in philanthropy in Minneapolis, their full-time home. But the issues they care about affect the people of Park City, too. That’s why they partner with Park City Community Foundation; they use our philanthropic advisory services and our foundational knowledge to transform their love for Park City to real results on the ground — on issues such as social justice, healthcare access, and more.

We think that you probably love Park City, too. Thank you for giving to the place and the people you love. Together, we are creating an enduring philanthropic community for all the people of Park City.

With gratitude,

Katie Wright, Executive Director

Jack Mueller, Board Chair

Kristi Cumming, Board Chair Elect


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