Donor Spotlight: Karen Scheible

Park City Community Foundation exists to bring donors, volunteers, nonprofits, and all the people of our community together to make Park City a better place. After 11 years of strong leadership, serving the needs of Park City, and proven financial stewardship, our impact has increased substantially.

Upwards of 90% of our funds are earmarked by donors for specific nonprofits and programs, providing excellent support but less strategic flexibility. However, an unrestricted gift allows us to quickly respond to the urgent needs of Park City. One donor who makes this possible is Karen Scheible.

Q: Tell us about yourself.

A: I grew up in New Jersey and spent winters skiing with my family in Vermont; I always wanted to live in the mountains. Prior to living here, I lived in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri, for 19 years. Then, my dream came true in the summer of 2016 when I was able to move to Park City, to a new home in Hideout Canyon. To make this dream all the more special, my daughter had been living here since graduating college in 2013.

My professional career and volunteer experiences have been in fundraising and advocacy for nonprofits. I’ve also worked in retail and direct sales. Now I am working at Deer Valley in Guest Services during the winter season. In addition to downhill and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, I also enjoy hiking.

“Bloom where you are planted.” This quote represents my philosophy and personality. I’ve lived in different places from Pennsylvania to California to Washington and I’ve always found a way to get involved in the community. I am happiest and most satisfied when getting involved, giving back and trying to make a positive difference.

Q: As a newer resident, how did you find out about Park City Community Foundation? 

A: Prior to moving to Park City, I subscribed to The Park Record to begin to understand the pulse and personality of my new home. I immediately joined the Newcomers group as well as Park City Mountain Sports Club. Pretty quickly, I learned about Park City Community Foundation’s Women’s Giving Fund. I was happy to join the Women’s Giving Fund; not only was I making a contribution that would give back but it was a great way to meet other like-minded women. Once I got involved with Women’s Giving Fund, I learned about Live PC Give PC and was able to donate appreciated stock to Park City Community Foundation, and through the Community Foundation, to other nonprofits. I also proudly stood on a street corner in town with my dog, both of us wearing orange shirts, while waving my Live PC Give PC sign. I look forward to that day again this November. I’m so moved by the generosity of this community!

Q: Recently, you joined our Legacy Group by putting Park City Community Foundation in your estate plans. Can you explain what that means and why you chose to include us?

A: I decided to include Park City Community Foundation in my estate plans because Park City is my home now, where I’ve chosen to “retire” and to invest my time and resources. I fully trust that the Community Foundation in the future, as it does currently, will have the incredible staff and committed Board to be a leader in taking on initiatives that address the most relevant and pressing needs at the time, across the spectrum of public and mental health, the environment, the arts, and all issues important to the vibrant, sustainable success of the greater Park City community.

Q: Why do you think Park City is a unique place to live and give?

A: Unlike other places I have lived, most of the great people who live in Park City have chosen to live here; consequently, the energy, enthusiasm and genuine sense of enjoyment and contentment is palpable. I also believe it’s this high level of happiness that translates into a generous spirit of giving back to the place and community we love.

Q: What is it about Park City Community Foundation that you love?

A: It is a Community Foundation in a Community. Community is the definition of what and who it represents and enriches. Through annual grants, the Community Foundation funds a myriad of programs – in 2018 over $177,000 was awarded to 38 nonprofits. But it’s not just funding; throughout the year there are workshops and roundtables to help all nonprofits to succeed. It is the umbrella that protects and supports the entire community. The staff is so warm and welcoming. From day one, I have been impressed with the level of professionalism and commitment.

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