Antiracist Park City Pledge

Take the pledge and join us in addressing systemic racism and injustice.

This form represents a commitment to the advancement of equity and inclusion in our community. Park City Community Foundation encourages you or your nonprofit organization to sign on and commit to one or all of the following:

  1. Equity and inclusion in our practices – this means evaluating our policies and programs, and determining which racial groups are being served and which are not. If inequity exists, consider making a change.
  2. Recognize and name our privilege, then use it. Stop saying “I’m not racist.” Racism exists in the institutions and systems in which we operate.
  3. Invest in professional development focused on learning more about race equity.
  4. Vote. Tell someone to vote. Make voting equitable and accessible.
  5. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable – talk about race and race equity with your staff, family, and friends.

Get started on your commitments by looking at our list of antiracist resources. Keep the conversation going by acting on some of these recommendations and tagging #AntiracistParkCity.

Sign the Pledge


I am proud to sign the pledge and to reiterate that affordable and accessible childcare is a critical need of many Latinx families. PC Tots is working to fill this need.

I am an ally against anti-racism!

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