End of Year Message From Katie Wright

Dear fellow Community Members, 

Whew, 2020 has been a tough yearAlthough we’re quickly approaching December 31st, the challenges we’ve faced throughout the year as a community have not yet fully dissipated. Covid-19 has forced us to grow, learn, and do many things for the first time. 

Throughout our problem-solving, of course, there were mishaps. They’re bound to happen under immense pressure, stress, and unprecedented circumstances. But perfect is the enemy of good, and as a community, we should be able to look back at 2020 and see glimmers of light sprinkled throughout moments of darkness. 

Together we’ve gotten our children back in school. We foresaw the oncoming eviction crisis and took steps to mitigate the issue early on. We put our individual skillsets together as nonprofit leaders, local attorniesand concerned citizens to create a collective and effective community response. We developed solutions, moved swiftly, and took action to support our neighbors, friends, and family during a time of immense need. We granted $5.2 million to our community. 

As we look to 2021, take stock of the small wins. Let’s remember how hard we’ve all worked to get here. It hasn’t been easy. We’re tired and we’re ready for a much-needed rest. But together as a community, we did hard things, and we’ll continue to overcome and move forward well into the New Year. 

Enjoy your holiday and have a Happy New Year! 


Warm regards, 

Katie Wright 

Executive Director, Park City Community Foundation 

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