Get To Know Your Local Nonprofits, Sign Up for Grantee Site Visits!

The best way to see the impact of your dollars in the community is by attending our annual Community Fund site visits from Feb. 7 to April 27. Last year, Park City Community Foundation granted unrestricted funds to 57 local organizations and it’s time to see their work in action. In addition to a tour of their programs, you will learn about their accomplishments, challenges, and plans for the future. You can attend as many site visits as you like and we encourage you to bring friends who want to learn about the nonprofits’ impact.


WHEN: In February, March, and April. See the alphabetical list on the RSVP page online or view the full list by date: 2023 Community Fund site visit calendar »

WHERE: Site visits will be held in person at the addresses indicated. Site visits held at Park City Community Foundation are offered in person or on Zoom.

Please RSVP to each specific site visit that you plan to attend at this link:


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