Girls’ Giving Fund

Launched in 2017 by 12-year-old Paige Rock and 10 founding members, Girls’ Giving Fund is an opportunity to promote nonprofit support among school-aged girls of greater Park City. The girls make a grant each year to a nonprofit which they choose through a voting process. This community of girls are each raising or earning $100 to donate to the fund annually.

“We are the future of Park City.” -Paige Rock, Founder, Age 12

Girls’ Giving Fund provides the opportunity for young girls to learn to serve the community and experience the joy of giving back. When we work together, our impact can be greater.

Girls’ Giving Fund members each donate $100 to support a fund (not an endowment) that aims to make a grant each year to a nonprofit serving children in Park City.

To donate to the Girls’ Giving Fund, please visit our Donate page.

Girls’ Giving Fund Grantees:

2017 – Big Brothers Big Sisters

2018 – EATS Park City

2019 – Bright Futures

2020 – Community Response Fund (special grant due to pandemic and community need)

2020 – People’s Health Clinic

2021 – Youth Sports Alliance