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Residents, businesses, governments, and organizations in Summit County are invited to show their support for Zero Food Waste.

Support a Zero Food Waste Future

Do you support a Zero Food Waste future? Add your name to the Compact to show your support, and then ask your friends and family to do the same. This Compact aims to set a collective intent across our community that will guide our progress forward.

Zero Food Waste 2030 Compact: United for a Sustainable Future

We, local governments, nonprofits, businesses, and residents, are joining together to eliminate food waste from the Summit County, Utah landfill by 2030. Recognizing that food waste is a major source of potent greenhouse gases, accounts for more than half the waste in our landfill, and creates a financial burden for our community, this compact calls on community members to make a united commitment to reduce, divert, and eliminate food waste from entering our landfill.

Park City and Summit County are already leaders in addressing climate change, each having committed to ambitious environmental goals. We share a passion for building a healthier world for the next generation. Reducing and diverting food waste is an immediate and impactful step to improve air and water quality, slow climate change, allocate public funds more wisely, and create a more sustainable future.

In support of the Zero Food Waste 2030 goal, we pledge to:

Minimize food waste, acknowledging that food production is costly and uses critical resources like water, energy, and land.
Divert food waste through composting to reduce a key source of methane in our community.
Collaborate to achieve our goal, knowing that lasting change is only possible when our residents, local government, nonprofits, businesses, and tourists work together.
Support systematic changes in our community that will ultimately provide more effective, sustainable, and economical waste management practices and tools.
Educate ourselves on composting and the importance of food waste diversion.
Share our progress and learnings along the way.

By signing this compact, we pledge our support of the Zero Food Waste 2030 goal and to uphold the principles listed above.

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