Year One Achievements for Summit County Mental Wellness Alliance

In 2017, Park City Community Foundation helped start the Summit County Mental Wellness Alliance. The most significant achievement of the past year has been the community collaboration in creating the Summit County Mental Wellness Strategic Plan. Serving as a community roadmap in meeting the needs of Summit County, the strategic plan continues to drive efforts on achieving our goal of enhancing the quality of life for all Summit County residents. Continued and growing support for the plan can be shown through the ever-increasing number of volunteers engaged in the Strategic Plan’s implementation. As of this report, the number of active members has grown in excess of 210 people providing over 22,000 volunteer hours, equaling the work of 10.5 full-time employees!

The Alliance recently produced its first Annual Report. Some notable successes from the last year include:

Communities That Care (CTC) Youth Prevention Program:

  • The hiring of Mary Christa Smith as the Summit County Communities That Care Coordinator. Thanks to her leadership, CTC in Summit County is three years ahead of where most coalitions are at this point in the process.
  • The CTC Committee completed a deep data dive, identified priority areas for intervention, selected tested and effective programs, and is in the midst of planning for implementation and evaluation.

Suicide Prevention:

  • Trained 368 residents from January to April in Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) skills, and started training a corps of trainers to spread the QPR approach even more broadly.

Post-Traumatic Stress Program (PTSP) for Summit County:

  • Park City Community Foundation helped establish a fund for donations to support post-traumatic stress recovery. First responders and other front-line personnel have begun to receive extra treatment opportunities to address traumas that arise in the course of their work.

These are just a few of the positive strides being made. Click HERE to read the full report. As the strategic plan makes clear, it will take years, sustained commitment, and substantial resources for our community to truly change the mental wellness landscape. With the strong start we have, there’s every reason to believe we will succeed.

Want to get involved? Learn more on the Alliance web page, contact Ollie Wilder at, or donate today to Park City Community Foundation’s Mental Wellness Fund.

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