Climate Fund Grantee – Ecology Bridge


2020 Grantee ($15,000) Ecology Bridge set out to gain more traction with a unique, community-wide competition to remove large areas of Garlic Mustard weed, a noxious weed that renders toxic conditions in the soil. By eliminating the plant, local soils can return to healthier levels of microbial activity, leading to higher levels of water retention and carbon sequestration.

The “Garlic Mustard Games” removed over 2000 lbs of garlic mustard weed from local forests and stream corridors. 57 participants ranging from ages 6 to 65 participated. This includes representation from two Home Owners Associations in town. Over 60 additional residents visited information tables and learned about non-chemical weed treatment options and water-wise landscaping. The winning “team” pulled 300 lbs of material and will be awarded a food truck celebration in late August of 2021. Thanks to an interview with KPCW on This Green Earth many more people learned about noxious weeds and how to control them efficiently and with less environmental impact. Let the Garlic Mustard Games continue!

For more information, contact:

Sara Jo Dickens, Executive Director
Ecology Bridge