Women’s Giving Fund Spotlight: Kristal Bowman-Carter

The Women’s Giving Fund Grants Committee is made up of women who, throughout their lives, have demonstrated a relentless passion for the well-being of women and children. Having granted over $120,000 to local nonprofits over the last four years, the Women’s Giving Fund makes high impact grants to organizations who focus on improving the lives of women and children in greater Park City. We are so excited to have Kristal Bowman-Carter on our 2019 grants committee. Kristal has been involved with many Park City nonprofits, is a Women’s Giving Fund Wonder Woman, and has three daughters of her own.

Q: Tell us about yourself.
A: I am a mother to three teenage girls, wife to an airline pilot, and an estate planning atto

rney. Our family moved to Park City from Los Angeles in 2006 and we’ve never looked back. I opened my own estate planning law firm in 2012. What I love most about it is learning about how all sorts of families handle all sorts of situations and making a personal connection while helping people solve problems that can sometimes be very stressful. In my spare time I like to travel with my family, hike, and read.

Q: How did you find out about the Women’s Giving Fund and why did you decide to donate?
A: My friend Melissa O’Brien told me about the Women’s Giving Fund when it was just starting. I decided to donate because I thought giving a relatively small donation in concert with other donors could have a large impact and I liked that it had the potential to create a community of like-minded women with different ideas.

Q: Why were you interested in joining the Women’s Giving Fund Grants Committee?
A: I was interested in joining the Grants Committee because I wanted to contribute to the great work that is being done by the Women’s Giving Fund. I also wanted to learn more about the process of making grant decisions and thought some of my attorney skills might be helpful.

Q: In addition to serving on the Women’s Giving Fund Grants Committee, how else do you fit giving into your life in Park City?
A: I volunteer with each of my daughters whenever I can. Together, we’ve volunteered for People’s Health Clinic, Youth Sports Alliance, the National Ability Center, each of their schools, and many more. I’m a member of Park City Rotary and take advantage of the volunteer opportunities Rotary has to offer. I provide low-bono and pro-bono legal work and education for others, such as CPA’s and insurers, and have provided the estate planning component of financial literacy courses provided to women through Habitat for Humanity. Finally, I participate in monthly giving to a few organizations and during Live PC Give PC.

Q: What is it about Park City Community Foundation that you love?
A: Park City Community Foundation has great people working and volunteering for it. They make life easier and better for so many diverse nonprofits that give our community the unique feel that it has.

Q: Why do you choose to provide additional support to the endowment by being a Wonder Woman?
A: When the opportunity to be a Wonder Woman arose, I jumped because it was another small and easy way to increase the impact that the Women’s Giving Fund has on women and children in our community.

Q: Could you share your experience as a speaker as part of the Girls Power Lunch Women’s Giving Fund mentoring program?
A: My youngest daughter was a sixth grader when I spoke at the Girls’ Power Lunch so I was especially grateful to be able to set an example for her specifically, as well as share a little of what I know about mentoring. It was so fun to see all the girls gathering to soak up information and to know they would do this regularly for each power lunch. I was never exposed to anything like this at the same age, so what lucky girls! The girls had great questions, made astute observations and enjoyed the snacks that were provided. The feedback they provided about wanting to find a mentor or wanting to become a mentor was rewarding. Lauren Vitulli and the other ladies that organized the event were great to work with.

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