Social Equity Initiative Underway

The Social Equity initiative is underway! The development of a strategic plan began with a meeting of the Social Equity Advisory Committee, a diverse and inclusive group with broad community representation that will help guide and direct the process. The driving force of this project is the vision of a complete community where everyone is included, has equitable access to resources, and feels welcome, safe, and valued.

Unlike a traditional strategic plan, the Social Equity strategic plan aims to address issues of diversity, inclusion, identity, and equity. We hope that by applying an equity lens to the processes and services we oversee, we will achieve a more just system. Do our community members have access to affordable health care? Are children able to participate in recreational activities outside of the school walls? Is Park City as inclusive as we might think it is? These are some questions that we hope might be addressed through this process.

The Community Foundation continues to seek community input through listening tours reaching out to specific groups, but also encouraging individuals to reach out directly with ideas and feedback. In the next few months, we will continue data collection efforts supported by the formation of multiple task forces. After completing a gap analysis, the Advisory Committee will be in a position to determine priorities and areas in which we can collectively, as a community, make the most impact.


Chelsea Augusto

Are people who live on the outskirts of Park City welcome?

    Deanna Rhodes

    Yes! We would love to have you participate in this process.

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